Happy Veteran’s Day

Jack and I want to thank all of the wonderful men and women who have sacrificed to protect us and this great country. Our veterans are very special, please take a moment today to pray for all who have served in the military and the ones who gave their lives so we may live in freedom. We also want to include the men and women serving in the armed forces today along with those in law enforcement who keep us safe. We appreciate all of your unselfish dedication and hard work.

The adobe walls are made of various proportions of Ultramarine Blue + Cadmium Orange + White. MUD is added to the mixture for the shadows. The stepped wall along the walkway is blocked in with the upright side of the “Steps” darker.

The flat surface of the wall is made lighter because the sunlight hits the top of the “Steps” more directly. The side receives less illumination and that is why it is darker. I’m using a special color, Pthalo Turquoise + White, for the door. More white is added for the sunlit portion.

Now for the stairs. The same theory we used on the stepped adobe wall comes into play here. The upright side is darker while the top of each step is lighter. Notice the steps as they ascend, I’ve added a little blue to make them appear to recede as they go up to the door.

A tile floor fills the foreground, giving the viewer a place to pause and enjoy the view before walking up the stairs. The lighter, flat surfaces of the individual stone steps are now added.

The terra-cotta containers are finished, we’ll be doing some planting tomorrow. Grab your gardening gloves and come help me fill the pots with flowers.

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