A Day of Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving in our hearts we want to say how much we appreciate all of you who read this blog. God has so blessed us. Jack and I feel so fortunate to be with each other, live in this great country and have such wonderful collectors and friends. All of you have enriched our lives. Thank you. Or, as we say in Texas, Much Obliged. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Senkarik Pond.


8 Responses to “A Day of Thanksgiving”

  1. Bruce Michael Lucchesi Pope Says:

    Buon giorno! And Happy Thanksgiving to y’all. Spreading Senkarik billboards of happiness to Hawaii now.

  2. Joseph Byrd Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from our family. We are all blessed.

  3. Jan Meuse Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Mikki and Jack!

  4. lorilandisart Says:

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope you receive a thousandfold of grace for all the sharing you both do. God bless you!! Lori

  5. Olga I. Packard Says:

    The same to you! I am so grateful for your postings!


  6. mjspringett Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Jack and Mikki, know that you are both very special people, thanks MJ

  7. Gonny v.d. Horn-Rijsdijk Says:

    Just spent a week together with my friend thanks to you both ….we painted a week together you so much inspired us… Wil mail you later ! That the Eternal One may Bless you with Peace and Sjaloom ! Big hug Gonny

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