Save 30% on all of our Books!

Now through Tuesday, November 27th you can get 30% OFF on ALL of our books at Senkarik Publishing.

The online distributor of our books has offered a special promotion for our readers. We want to make this available to all of you. Here is your chance to purchase any of our LULU books, including all seven of Jack White’s Art Marketing Classics, at 30% OFF the regular price. To get the savings just use the code DELIRITAS when you checkout. CLICK HERE to see all of our books available at Senkarik Publishing. Have fun browsing through all three pages, most of Jack’s books are available in both hard copy and as downloads. The downloads are on the first two pages, the softcover hard copies of the Art Marketing books are on page 3.

Thought you would enjoy this excerpt from an email we recently received. “My work is now being displayed in a beautiful gallery in a Shaker Heights neighborhood in Ohio. I also wanted to tell you that as I was in the gallery, it was as if a small version of you was on my shoulder telling me things like – okay, now SMILE, and talk about his favorite subject, HIM! Anyway, with all that I learned from your books and your emails I gained a tremendous amount of insight, but more than that I gained confidence, and I just wanted to tell you how very grateful I am. I finally feel that my art career has wings!

To order any of these six valuable Art Marketing Books in hard copy or download CLICK HERE.

For those of you selling on eBay or thinking about making the plunge this book tells how we do it. Currently Mystique of Marketing Art on eBay is only available in hard copy, page 1 at Senkarik Publishing. We are working on the eBook version! CLICK HERE to order.

Sea to Shining Sea: The Mexican American War and the Manifest Destiny, the sequel to Jack’s first historical novel, Ten Years in Texas, is now available. Unfortunately his first book about the ten years Texas was an independent Republic is not included in this offer because it is distributed by Amazon. But if you would like to order a copy of Ten Years in Texas at the regular price CLICK HERE. Sea to Shining Sea covers the two years after Texas became a State, the Mexican American War and the greatest expansion of the United States in our history.  Follow the adventures of Bud Miller and Texas Ranger Jack Hayes in this informative page turner. Jack painted the portrait of Jack Hayes on the cover!

To order Sea to Shining Sea: The Mexican American War and the Manifest Destiny CLICK HERE.

In BREATHTAKING RETREAT: Making a Painting I show the step by step process of making a 6 foot by 8 foot oil painting of the picturesque Portofino Harbor in Italy. Step into the studio and watch the painting come alive. Filled with painting techniques and useful tips on setting up a studio, BREATHTAKING RETREAT: Making a Painting is a complete oil painting workshop. The Jack White Double Primary Palette is explained and this book reveals the one tool an artist CAN NOT afford to be without. A must for artists and art collectors alike.


This offer at Senkarik Publishing doesn’t last long. It will expire at Midnight on Tuesday, November 27. Just remember to put in the coupon code DELIRITAS when you are checking out and you will save 30% on your order. Please feel free to share this with ALL of your friends. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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