Magical Morning

Jack and I woke up to a dense mist this morning that was absolutely magical. Looking out from the back patio we felt as if our little piece of Texas was floating in the clouds far away from the rest of the world. Come walk with me down to the pond.

The Yellow Chair garden has flourished this summer. Our Henna Coleus will freeze at the first breath of a frost but I’ve already got cuttings started to plant next spring.

Clicker Bobbie, our resident Great White Egret, is happily feeding in the quiet coolness of the mist. You may have to enlarge the image to see her better, just click on the picture.

The trees are turning a rusty red. Our fall here in the Hill Country is a bit more subtle than the spectacular ones you see up east but we certainly enjoy the seasonal change. Black Bellied Whistling Ducks are congregated on the pond, dipping and dunking for breakfast.

Take a deep breath and let the calmness permeate your being. I just wanted to share the magic of our morning with you. Hope you’ve had a fun time joining me on my walk to the pond. Have a wonderful, serene day. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

10 Responses to “Magical Morning”

  1. Bart Mauro Says:

    Jack and Mikki,
    Thanks so much for sharing and writing! I’ve just purchased and read your first book, “Mystery of Making it”. Jack, when you say that smaller sized paintings (12/16, 16/20, 20/24, 24/30) are done on board, are you suggesting Masonite or maybe 1/4″ birch ply?
    Again, thank you for all you do.

  2. mjspringett Says:

    Mikki, your new camera and artistic eye were working well this morning, thanks MJ

  3. Jana Botkin Says:

    Lovely and peaceful – perfect after a hair-on-fire sort of day. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Gherry Taylor Says:

    Funny how things happen like that. Yesterday was a misty morning with the sun shining through here on Whidbey Island, too. The last few leaves, yellow and gold, hung from the trees and diamonds of dew were strung along bare branches. It is good to be alive and right here and now.

  5. Tami Baron Says:

    This is beautiful. We don’t get too many fall colors in Las Vegas. I sure enjoy seeing it through your eyes. Thank you.

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      We’ve lived in Las Vegas twice. You are right, the desert is really subtle. Fortunately Mount Charleston is close so you can always escape to the mountain coolness in the heat of summer. We love the wild burros in Red Rock Canyon not far from the glitzy city! Thank you for following my blog. Hugs, Mikki

  6. Dorothy Whisenhunt Says:

    Thank you for sharing your morning walk . . . it was truly magical . . . beautiful . . . peaceful

  7. hthurman Says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful surroundings in this magical morning. Blessings to you and your husband.

  8. Gonny v.d. Horn-Rijsdijk Says:

    Mmmm I loved that! Sure makes you feel tiny as a person, knowing who’s the Maker of all things…
    big hug Gonny

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