Stick Season

Before we get started today just want to let you know Jack’s latest article has been published on Fine Art Studio Online.

To read Pluck or Luck CLICK HERE.

SL11112 Joe's Barn Step 4

The painting process begins with the sky. My colors are mixed and we are ready to start slapping paint on the canvas. The mixtures from left to right are: Ultramarine Blue + White, Ultramarine Blue + More White and finally Pthalo Blue + White + a tiny touch of Lemon Yellow. If you would like to learn more about our Double Primary Mixing System CLICK HERE.

SL11112 Joe's Barn Step 5

The darkest mix of Ultramarine Blue + White is used near the top of the canvas where the dome of the sky extends overhead. Moving downward the lighter mix of Ultramarine Blue is then used. The sky closest to the mountain top is painted with the Pthalo Blue mixture. The transitions between the layers are then smoothed out with a large Bright brush. The addition of the yellow in the Pthalo Blue mix gives the lower portion of the sky an imperceptible green cast. Green is the complimentary color, or across the color wheel from Red. Placing the two next to each other will make the red of the barn appear more intense.

SL11112 Joe's Barn Step 6

Now for the “Sticks”, the bare trees of winter. Various shades of gray, grey green, blue and mauve are mixed for the leafless trees covering the hill behind the barn.

SL11112 Joe's Barn Step 7

Picking up several colors at one time on my brush, I scumble them across the hillside. Since the sunlight is coming into the painting from the left the right side of the hill is made darker and cooler. A few outcroppings of dark evergreens are mixed among the deciduous trees. I place one of them to the right of the cupola. This will give contrast to the smoke rising from the chimney pipe.

SL11112 Joe's Barn Step 8

In reality, from this angle, the chimney pipe is hidden in back of the cupola. Terry thought smoke indicating a warm fire inside would be a welcome touch for the snowy day. Taking artistic license I moved the chimney back so it wouldn’t look like the cupola was burning. That’s the wonderful thing about painting, we can make the world to be as we would like. After the hillside is covered the trunks of the trees are added into the wet paint.

Jack and I were talking this morning and realized that today’s date 12/12/12 won’t come around for another century. But each one of us is so unique that we will be never be duplicated! Celebrate how special you are. Have a great day and hope to see you tomorrow! Hugs, Mikki Senkarik


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