Morning Sky

SL11212 Myers Point step 4A

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, we most certainly did. But enough holiday, it’s time to get back to the easel. The colors of a sunrise are subtler and cooler, or pinker, than a sunset which is more orange. This is because the temperature of the earth is coolest in the early morning. So…. the paint for the sky is mixed and laid out on my palette. #1. Pthalo Blue + White. #2. A slightly darker shade of Ultramarine Blue + White. #3. Alizarin Crimson + Cadmium Red Light + White. #4. Alizarin Crimson + Ultramarine Blue + White #5. The same mixture as #4 with more Ultramarine Blue added. If you would like to learn more about our double primary color mixing system CLICK HERE.

SL11212 Myers Point step 5

The entire sky area is covered with the blue mixtures. #1 is used closest to the horizon, while the upper portion of the sky is painted with the darker #2 mix. Then the transition between the two blues is smoothed with a large Bright brush.

SL11212 Myers Point step 6

The clouds are now painted over the blue. By painting wet-into-wet the edges can be softened, making them fall back into the distance. The lower portion of the clouds is made darker. The upper parts, illuminated by the rising sun, are highlighted with mixture #3.

SL11212 Myers Point step 7

At the far left the distant mangroves are made bluer, or cooler, so they recede. The mangrove trees hugging the fishing spot are painted sequentially warmer as we move toward the right side of the canvas. Notice the ones behind the outstretched wing of the diving Pelican are cooler than those I’m working on immediately to the right. This simple technique following the rule “Cool Colors go back, Warm Colors come forward” is used to help give dimension, or depth, to a painting.

SL11212 Myers Point step 8

The mangrove trees on Myer’s Point are complete and a couple of Great White Egrets wait for the sun to warm their wings. To see any of the pictures larger just click on the image. Hope you’ll come visit our studio tomorrow, I’ll be working on the Pelicans. Have a great day. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

Thought you might enjoy seeing Jack’s paintings, I don’t know if you realize he taught me to paint. Just CLICK HERE to visit his website.

2 Responses to “Morning Sky”

  1. Elizabeth Pollio Says:

    Joe LOVES it!!!!!!!!!!!! It is fabulous. He is very excited and this makes him want to get to his barn ASAP. Thank you beyond words. You are a treasure Hugs terry

    Elizabeth pollio sent from my iPad

  2. Kathy Chin Says:

    Lovely Mikki, love both pelicans and egrets! Thanks for the lesson!

    I think I remember Jack talking about the greens in your double primary system…but do you also sometimes use a green out of the tube?

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