Diving Pelicans

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SL11212 Myers Point step 9

Color from the mangrove trees is pulled down to make the reflections below them. Then I begin working some of the darker, purple cloud color into the water.

SL11212 Myers Point step 10

Moving closer to the foreground the light blue from the sky reflects down. Then in the very front the water becomes darker, influenced by the deeper blue sky directly overhead.

SL11212 Myers Point step 11

I’ve saved all of the extra sky, water and mangrove paint on the left side of my palette. The oils remain useable for three or four days. It will come in handy to go back and work around the Pelicans as I paint them. The picture above gives you a closer look at my palette, a culinary cart with two shelves. Click the image to enlarge it. The top, where the paint is mixed, is a 1/4″ thick piece of glass placed on a white shelf board. The plastic water jug with the top cut off on the left holds Turpenoid, an odorless paint thinner. A paint scraper is used to clean the palette. Extra single edge razor blades are safely held in the green Mr. Frog O’Brien container below. My paints are handy as well as the bath tissue used to clean my brush. And of course I couldn’t paint at all without my special Dallas Cowboys water cup!

SL11212 Myers Point step 12

Now for the diving Pelicans. The grays and browns of their bodies are mixed from various combinations of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Cadmium Orange + White. I want the head, beak, neck and the leading edge of the diving Pelican’s wings sharp and in focus. The back edges of the wings, tail feathers, legs and feet are softer, implying motion. I brace against a mahl stick to steady my hand as I render the fine detail. What is a mahl stick? CLICK HERE to find out.

SL11212 Myers Point step 13

The landing Pelicans are next. I use the same concept as on the diving Pelican to give action to these guys.

SL11212 Myers Point 20x24

Myer’s Point       20″ x 24″     Original Oil Painting

Looks like the big fella in the front caught a fish! Splashing water and dark reflections from the Pelicans finish out Myer’s Point. One down, two to go! Hope you’ll come back and follow the other parts of the triptych. Have a great day. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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4 Responses to “Diving Pelicans”

  1. pitzersart Says:

    Like it! . Off for a heart cath in the morning. If nothing shows up, I come home tomorrow. If they have to stint, I will be there overnight. . Prayers welcome. . Rob Pitzer Pitzers Fine Arts P O Box 2850 Wimberley, Texas 78676 G: 512-722-6032 C: 512-983-1085 rob@pitzersart.com http://www.pitzersart.com Sola Gracia *(By Grace Alone)*

  2. Kathy Chin Says:

    Great image Mikki…love pelicans and you captured them perfectly!

  3. Angelica Valentine Says:

    I love this painting…it reminds me of back home in Florida. The colors are beautiful and the motion is captured just as you intended.

  4. Angelica Valentine Says:

    Thanks for sharing about a work table. This will work better with my current easel and take less space. I love the idea of the toilet paper too…much better than the paper towels and less expensive!

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