A Full Day of Fishing


SL11212 Myers Point 20x24Myer’s Point     20″ x 24″     Original Oil Painting

I’ve include shots of the actual fishing spots so you can see what Kevin and I came up with for his Triptych. To view any of these pictures larger just click on the image. We begin the day of fishing at Myer’s Point. As the early morning sun brightens the clouds Pelicans scrum for bait fish, a sure sign larger fish are nearby.


SL11312 Indy Island 20x24Indy Island     20″ x 24″     Original Oil Painting

Mid day brings us to Indy Island. Roseate Spoonbills swarm the tiny island and search for food in the foreground shallows while Swallowtail Kites fly high above the distant storm clouds.


SL11412 Honey Hole 20x24Honey Hole     20″ x 24″     Original Oil Painting

Sunset at Honey Hole. Oh, this is my favorite time of day on the water. The late afternoon light intensifies and it seems like everything slows down, becoming still and quiet. Crickets begin to chirp and frogs croak. The swish of the Snowy Egrets’ wings fills the evening silence. If you’ll listen closely you can hear the soft hoot of the barred owl who resides in the mangroves around Honey Hole. He’s a shy fella and doesn’t like to be looked at, so we’ll just let him remain hidden. But when you hear his hoots you’d better throw in a line. He’s saying the fish are biting!

SL11212-SL11312-SL11412 Finished

The three pieces will hang in the sequence shown above in Kevin’s dining area directly across from the cooktop. He’ll have a full day of fishing memories to enjoy as he’s fixin’ his catch. Kevin said these paintings should generate a lot of fishing stories. I imagine the fish will grow everytime the story is told! This has been so different for me and a lot of fun. Thank you for following along, I totally appreciate all of your comments. I’m going to miss these pieces. Jack and I have been enjoying having them in the studio. But Kevin is anxiously waiting for his favorite fishing spots to come home. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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7 Responses to “A Full Day of Fishing”

  1. Paul O'Brien Says:

    Beautiful job. I can not wait to see these in my brother’s home.

  2. mjspringett Says:

    Wonderful series, love the images that you “invented”, lovely work, MJ


    Wonderful work,beautiful job.Thanks.Eline koluna sağlık…

  4. Angela Smith Says:

    a Beautiful series & a perfect way to express how you took photo’s & made them your own by bringing them to life.. I am very inspired with all your Art!

  5. Bruce Michael Pope Says:

    Thanks Mikki. I really enjoyed watching this project. The result is fabulous. .

  6. Kathy Chin Says:

    Love the stories of each of these three images…and pelicans and especially egrets are my favorites!!! Lucky Kevin!!!

  7. Ayten Süngüoğlu Says:


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