Sign Painter?

Gallery sign sketch on palette

Our Santa Fe Gallery has moved to a new location at 217 Galisteo Street, just around the corner from their previous spot. The space is fabulous, I’ll be showing pictures soon on my blog. The owners asked me to make an OPEN/Closed sign, Phyllis just didn’t like the ordinary plastic one from the old location. My intent is to make this sign lighthearted, letting clients know Santa Fe Art Collector is a happy and fun gallery. So I work out the lettering on my glass palette in a thin oil wash of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin.

Gallery sign step 1

A board is prepared with several thin coats of white acrylic on both sides. I want the surface to be a little bit slick, this makes it much easier to letter. Blue Painter’s tape provides guidelines and the lettering is lightly penciled in. Just click on the picture to see it better. A small piece of tape is placed at the top so I will get both sides right side up. This is totally essential; I have to admit it’s my second attempt at doing the sign. I got the first one all lettered and was painting the outside border before I realized the back was upside down! OPPS!

Gallery sign step 2

The lettering is done with Red Acrylic and a square water color brush.

Gallery sign step 3

After the front is dry the board is turned over and the back is lettered, following the penciled in guidelines.

Gallery sign step 4

I tape inside the edge leaving a one-inch margin around the outside of the board exposed. Notice how the end of the tape is folded under at the corners. This makes it much easier to pull up when the border is dry. The tape is securely pressed down and a checked border is painted with black acrylic.

Gallery sign CLOSED  finished

The black paint is dry, so we can pull off the tape and Shazam! The sign is done.

Gallery sign OPEN hanging

A red ribbon is attached for hanging and our sign is ready to go to work in Santa Fe! Thanks for following along, have a wonderful day. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik


3 Responses to “Sign Painter?”

  1. pitzersart Says:

    Like it! Rob Pitzer Pitzers Fine Arts P O Box 2850 Wimberley, Texas 78676 G: 512-722-6032 C: 512-983-1085 Sola Gracia *(By Grace Alone)*

  2. Bobbi Baltzer-jacobo Says:

    For some reason the pictures didn’t open on my new computer. I can say this though, my Dad was a lifelong professional Sign Painter, and I always enjoyed watching him paint…so fast when he was doing the Grocery Store paper signs! Others were alittle slower. I paint paper ones also, using acrylic like you are doing, besides my acrylic paintings, and it sounds like the way that you are doing it! Kind of a ‘refreshing fun’ sometimes!–Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo

  3. Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo Says:

    Photo opened now! Cute! Creative! Very good!-Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo

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