Just in time for Valentine’s

2009-5-5 Canna liliesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Canna Lilies are some of my favorites, with wonderful blossoms from late spring until the first frost.
We have a huge bed in our garden devoted to these delightful flowers. They add a burst of color nestled between the Salvia and the Peggy Martin Roses on the arbor.
Captivating Canna Lilies    24″ x 20″  Original Oil Painting

So it was a treat to capture our Captivating Canna Lilies on canvas. February 14 is just around the corner, what about giving a Senkarik Original Oil Painting to your Valentine? Captivating Canna Lilies will make a wonderful Valentine’s Gift. A bouquet that will remain fresh long after a regular one has faded away.  The retail price for this painting is $1,800. But we are offering it on my eBay auction just for you and better yet, the bidding begins at only a PENNY!

SG9510 Captivating Canna Lilies measure tape

Captivating Canna Lilies is 24 inches tall by 20 inches wide, painted on a regular canvas and framed in a traditional wood frame. The outside dimension of the frame is 29 3/4 inches tall by 25 1/2 inches wide. It’s ready to hang on that special someone’s wall, we even include the hanger and nail. I don’t do many pieces like this one, Captivating Canna Lilies is a unique offering especially for our Team Senkarik Members.
The auction ends Tuesday, February 5 at 8 PM Central Time. If you would like the painting personalized please let me know as soon as you win. We have to get this painting on FEDEX Ground so it will get to you in time for Valentine’s Day.
Happy Bidding! Smiles and Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

3 Responses to “Just in time for Valentine’s”

  1. Laine Says:

    Kay, now finally a painting I like Sent from my iPhone

  2. Patrice Kelly Says:

    Gorgeous !!

  3. mjspringett Says:

    Great painting mikki!!, thanks for brightening my day, MJ

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