Preparing Ahead for Shipping

SB1013 Allure of Napa Valley Step 1

This painting is going to California and will be framed in a special “float” frame developed by Paul and Kathy at Gallery 1870. Like all of my paintings a white square is painted on the back of the canvas with KILZ paint, purchased at Home Depot. This keeps the Sharpie labeling from bleeding through. The Title, Number Code of Authenticity and my Signature are all written on the white square. This piece is to be painted to the edge on a gallery wrap canvas. In order to handle and ship the piece safely I do a little extra canvas preparation. First screw eyes are placed in the stretcher bars on each side at the red arrows.

SB1013 Allure of Napa Valley Step 2

Here is a close up of one of the screw eyes inserted in the stretcher bar. To see any of the pictures larger just click on the image.

SB1013 Allure of Napa Valley Step 3

Then the canvas is placed on a piece of double ply cardboard a couple of inches larger than the canvas and lightly pressed down.

SB1013 Allure of Napa Valley Step 4

The screw eyes make an indentation in the cardboard. A hole is made at each indentation with an ice pick.

SB1013 Allure of Napa Valley Step 5

The canvas is placed back on the cardboard, the screw eyes lined up with the holes and pushed all the way through. Then a nail is inserted to hold the canvas tight against the cardboard.

SB1013 Allure of Napa Valley Step 6 Molly helping

Molly, our shelter rescue kitty, decided to help insert the nails!

SB1013 Allure of Napa Valley Step 7SB1013 Allure of Napa Valley Step 8

In order to accommodate the special framing the sides of the gallery wrap canvas are painted with black acrylic. Before I begin masking tape is used to cover the part of the black side nearest the painting surface. This way I don’t have to worry about going over the edge as I paint. When the piece is finished the tape will be removed, leaving the black sides, well….. Black! We’ll sketch the design up on the canvas in the next session, you’re welcome to come back to our studio and watch. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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