Time is Money

Supplies 1Supplies 2We got a panicky email from an artist the other day. “What am I going to do? I didn’t realize I was out of White Oil paint until I squeezed the last glob from my tube. I decided to get a few other things and ordered from an online art store.  I even paid express shipping so I could get back to painting sooner. They sent everything but the White Oil Paint, it’s on backorder. What am I going to do?”

Jack wrote back, “GET ORGANIZED!”

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “Time is Money.” Well, look at all the time that artist wasted. Time that could have been spent working on art that would produce an income. We have a closet devoted to keeping our supplies organized. It’s hard to photograph but you get the idea. You can enlarge the pictures to see them better, just click on the image.

Supplies 3

Here is a closeup of the shelves. At a glance we can tell what we need and what is getting low. Paint is organized by color, when I get a tube of paint I glance at the entire inventory and know immediately if I need to order any supplies. We make certain to order while we still have supplies in stock to avoid the situation of the panicked artist. When we get our order the newest supplies go at the back of the shelf. Or in the case of the tube paint at the bottom of the stack. That way nothing gets too old. It’s not hard to be organized and give yourself more time to make your art. You don’t have to be this fancy. For years we traveled with everything we needed in, or on top of, our Ford Explorer. Space was at a premium, we HAD to be organized. Our supplies were placed on a shelf made of concrete blocks and wood planks against one wall in our painting area. You’ll be surprised how much better you will feel with everything you need in plain sight! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Happy Painting and Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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9 Responses to “Time is Money”

  1. Smitha Poluri Says:

    omigosh mikki u r just awesome. such an inspiration. i am organizing my stuff this weekend for sure.

  2. barbarawild Says:

    SO beautifully done. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  3. jody poehl Says:

    Hey Mikki
    just wanted to drop you a line and let you know my website is up and functioning and the collaborations I do with Sylvia Perez are on there…
    I enjoy all of your emails and tips, thanks and God bless ; )

  4. Peggy Says:

    I always keep up with what you are doing. And….also read all the little notes, but today there was something in your pic that really helped me. I have been going through some of my art stuff–like paintings half way done in which I had absolutely NO idea what I had started. So, I have about 20 canvas and canvas boards that I sanded down. But, I really could not figure out if they had been oil or acrylic. So, I had just been waiting, mulling it over in my mind, painting other things like furniture in my ‘Wo-man’ Cave…trying to figure out how to reuse these canvases. THEN…..there was the answer on your shelf in your send out today!!!! Use oil based Kilz on them!!! Duh!!! I mean……I had been using Kilz on all my furniture to bring it from dark wood to a sort of vanilla ice cream color. And, I had this great BIG can of oil based Kilz that I kept tripping over as I was retrieving all the paint I needed for my current project. THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Isn’t it amazing how something we don’t even think about stands out like a sore thumb to someone else? So glad the can of KILZ on the shelf helped.
      Hugs, Mikki

  5. Mary duncan Says:

    Always read everything you post !!

  6. Bonita Zieseniss Says:

    Boy are you right Mikki, when I`m stocked up with suppies, I feel more relaxed and ready to paint because I feel I have everything I need on hand. I have 6 canvases gessoed and the drawings are on them, if I get stumped on how to paint something, I start another painting till inspiration hits me, then I go back to the last one and finish up.
    Thanks to Peggy about the idea of using Kilz on old canvases.

  7. Marie Cieniewicz Schweitzer Says:

    This is a very good post and thanks for showing how you stay organized, it’s almost too perfect! I have always been fairly well organized and notice my creative process gets out of whack when things get too messy.I have moved several times and been in small, temporary spaces so I need to stay neat and efficient. I also try to leave my painting area all cleaned up and neat at the end of a painting session and keep my tubes of paint organized by colors so when I return to paint I feel balanced and ready to go. We all create our own fate…and being organized as you suggest will just make things fall into place!

  8. Bob Ragland Says:

    Terrific data. Bravo!!! I make an effort to be organized at 90 percent of the time. I do my business/office work the first half of the day. The creative hands on stuff the latter half. Yay! Mikki.

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