We Love Living Here

2013-3-12 bluebonnets and front door

I know those of you in the frozen north are going to hate us but I wanted to share a little more of our spring. It’s so beautiful here in Texas. Bluebonnets and Mountain Laurel provide a cheery welcome to our Studio.

2013-3-12 Driveway garden bluebonnets 1

Want Bluebonnets? We got ’em! If you’d like to see any of these pictures larger just click on the image.

2013-3-13 Bluebonnets walkway 3

These Texas Stars are at their finest right now in our flower beds. Unfortunately the fields around us are pretty bare, we just didn’t get enough rain over the fall and winter for them to be blanketed in blue.

2013-3-12 Mountain Laurel front courtyard

Remember the grape bubblegum we used to chew as kids? Well, that’s about what the fragrance of the Mountain Laurel reminds me of.

2013-2-22 Mountain Laurel 1

The individual blossoms are much like a Wisteria.

2013-3-12 Redbud

The Red Bud is blooming. Even though it gets irrigation the lack of rain limited the number of flowers. Last year it was much fuller.

2013-3-12 Butterfly Iris

AND…. our Butterfly Irises are starting to flower! Thought you’d enjoy a bit of spring. If you live up north be patient, warm weather is on the way. We’ll be back to painting in our next session. Have a wonderful day. Smiles and Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

Website: www.senkarik.com

17 Responses to “We Love Living Here”

  1. Karen's Nature Art Says:

    Thanks for the touch of spring! It snowed here today…but not enough to collect, fortunately.

  2. Pen Slade Says:

    Hi Mikki, your bluebonnets look just like our lupin in California- are they the same? Pen

  3. marabelm Says:

    GORGEOUS! And so are your majestic paintings, Mikki.

    Gratefully, Marabel Morgan

  4. Patricia Boch Says:

    Thank you for showing us your spring. Your flowers and yard are beautiful. I look for your postings daily and learn so much from them. Again, thank you for sharing!

  5. pierceclark Says:

    Makes me wanna come visit!

    Donna in cold Ohio

  6. Patrice Says:

    Beautiful , I have always loved the beginning of spring , when all of the flowers start popping up . Enjoy !

  7. mjspringett Says:

    Thanks for the lovely thoughts and flowers. Mj

  8. Elizabeth Pollio Says:

    Mikki what a fabulous pic of all those flowers. Of course we enjoy the warmth and flowers daily as well. But I must admit Joe and I miss the west. Well Sedona was our love. We are still debating on staying here in KB or building our farm way down south of Miami. Think I told you we bought 15 acres of land, hired the builder, architect etc and I chickened out for the moment so it is all on hold for a year. I am just not sure I can live in such ruralness and uyet I adore land. Water? or Land? that is the question. Neighbors, no neighbors. Small yard with pool on the water or tons of land with a barn, horses, chickens and a huge avocado grove???? I am totally confused and Joe would move in a second but wants me to be happy/ Thanks for sharing Hugs Terry

  9. Sherry Johnson Says:

    Very beautiful! Are you in San Antonio? My Dad was a Texan & I love it there.

    Wanted to thank you for all of your art instruction. I have had no formal training & your blog has helped me a lot, so thank-you so much for doing what you do. Please let me know if you do any workshops as I would be very interested in participating!

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Hi Sherry,
      We are in the rolling hill country southeast of San Antonio. We have giant oak trees, bluebonnets and nice sandy, loam soil. Great for gardening! Thank you for following my blog. If you ever have any questions please feel free to ask. Hugs, Mikki

  10. S. Dimmick Says:

    Thank you for sharing – I love flowers (& cats)!

  11. Steve Abramson Says:

    I just saw my first bluebonnets and a few Indian Paintbrushes here today in Katy, Tx

  12. Margie Thornton Says:

    Thanks for sharing, Mikki. I have always enjoyed visiting with you and Jack. You have a very beautiful home. It’s a very happy place as demonstrated by the beautiful landscape. The flowers are showing off their colors and beauty, the birds are singing their happy songs, the ducks and visiting peacocks and turkeys are enjoying the beautiful scenery as well. God has blessed you and Jack, your home and the piece of land it sits on.
    LoveLoveLove….. Margie

  13. Giovanna Barbara Says:


  14. Jocelyn Says:

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    this web site, this website is genuinely amazing.

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