Bluebonnets, Poppies and Helen

2013-3-31 bluebonnets on front walk 8

Just have to share some more of our bluebonnets with you. This bed is a mix of Red, White and Blue ones!

2013-3-31 bluebonnets on front walk 5

Here is a little closer look at our Texas State Flower. It’s a member of the lupine family and heralds spring in the Texas Hill Country. We let them take over the flower beds in the spring and each year our colorful population increases. This particular batch has jumped out of their bed and into the lawn!

2013-4-2 Red Corn Poppies

Now the Red Corn Poppies are beginning to appear! I love the way they dance in the breeze. Remember, if you would like to see any of the pictures larger, just click on the image.

Helen Portrait Image

Okay, enough gardening! Back to work. Let’s start on Helen’s portrait.

SB0913 Helen Step 3

The ocean and sky are painted first. Then her hair is blocked into the wet background. This makes it easy to drag the long flowing brushstrokes. Helen’s hair color is mixed with varying proportions of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Cadmium Red Light + a little Cadmium Orange. White is added to the mixture for the sunny highlights.

SB0913 Helen Step 4

Sidney and I thought it would be nice to change Helen’s sweater to a rich green. I’ve used a special color in my mixture, Viridian Green. Red is the complimentary color of green. By mixing Viridian Green with Alizarin Crimson, a deep red, the result is a nice muted green. White is added for the lighter areas of her sweater. Tomorrow we’ll paint Helen’s face. Do come back and follow along. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik


2 Responses to “Bluebonnets, Poppies and Helen”

  1. Tammi Vaughan Says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Kathleen Krucoff Says:

    I sure do miss seeing bluebonnets. Thanks so much for sharing!

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