Painting Helen

SB0913 Helen Step 5

The three color zones of the face are much more subtle in women and children than men. Also since Helen has red hair her skin tones are a little bit pinker.

SB0913 Helen Step 6

After getting most of the face blocked in I begin working on the planes that form the nose.

SB0913 Helen Step 7

Helen has the prettiest gray green eyes. I follow the same sequence on her eyes as on the boys. The entire iris was painted with the darker eye color, then the highlight of lighter green is added. I mixed a bit of Cadmium Orange into the sweater color for Helen’s eyes.

SB0913 Helen Step 8

The teeth are blocked in as one solid shape in the shadow color. I will come back and add the highlights.

Helen Portrait Image

Helen at the Beach.

SB0913 Helen 17x14

We are almost finished with Helen’s portrait. You can compare the painting with the reference photo. I still have a tiny bit of refining to do but, as with the boys, I will let her rest for a few days so I can come back with sharper eyes. Tomorrow we’ll begin on the last piece in the group, the portrait of Emma. Have a great evening. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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