Stone Walls and Wisteria

SD1813 Step 5

The lighter grout color of the rocks walls is blocked in first, establishing the light and shadow pattern. Then I come back in and paint the darker stone directly into the wet paint of the grout. The stone in the sunlit areas of the walls is lighter than that in the shadow.

SD1813 Step 6

The soft green doors are made of a mixture of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + a tiny touch of MUD + White. Mixing the complimentary colors of blue and orange makes a muted green. The MUD (equal parts of Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) mutes the color even more.

SD1813 Step 7

The White window frames and mullions are painted. I’m careful to keep most of the white areas here in shadow. They would attract too much attention if they were bright, sunny White. Notice how the dark, washed in part of the window now gives the feel of something in the room behind the glass.

SD1813 Step 8

A special color, Dioxazine Purple, is used for the Wisteria draping down. The flowers are blocked in first. To see any of these pictures larger just click on the image.

SD1813 Step 9

The leaves of the Wisteria are worked in and around the purple blossoms. By painting the Wisteria in this sequence, Flowers First, Leaves Last, my flower color stays crisp and clean. If the foliage was done first my brush would pick up some of the green and dirty the flowers. I do come back after the leaves are finished and add a few highlights on the blossoms. I have to “Lay” the Purple paint on the canvas, being very careful not to get any of the green on my brush. Next that neat lantern is painted. That’s all for today. Hope you’ll come back tomorrow and follow along. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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4 Responses to “Stone Walls and Wisteria”

  1. Howard Cooperman Says:

    Wow Mikki,

    This is moving along quickly. I live the color of the door and the wisteria. Everything is coming together harmoniously. The composition is excellent.

  2. Paul O'Brien Says:

    The way that you paint Wisteria makes it three dimensional. Just beautiful. I really like the light fixture against the stone wall. This will be another fantastic Senkarik original!

  3. Laurie Harralson Says:

    All your work looks the same no matter what you are painting. It is really quite boring.

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