A Sunny Seat

SD1813 Step 10

The entire surface of the slate floor is painted first with the light and shadows. Then I come in with a fine liner brush to indicate the cracks between the large, irregular rectangle slabs.

SD1813 Step 11

The most distant part of each level of the floor is made cooler, or bluer, so it will recede.

SD1813 Step 12

The large terra-cotta pot behind the bench contains several different kinds of flowers. All of the blossom color is blocked in first.

SD1813 Step 13

Now the greens of the leaves are painted around the flowers. I use a medium sized Bright brush. This enables me to make large strokes with the flat edge or small details with the corner.

SD1813 Step 14

Now for that lovely Heart bench. I’ve never painted a solid White bench before! Here goes…….

SD1813 Step 14B

The challenge of the bench is that both the sides and back are sunlit. Since the sun is hitting the back of the bench more directly it is made slightly lighter in value than the arm panels. I let a few wisteria shadows fall on the back to separate it from the front arm. HMMMMM! This vignette would make a nice painting all by itself. Thanks for dropping in our studio today. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

Website: www.senkarik.com

One Response to “A Sunny Seat”

  1. nanseesart Says:

    I really like this one. The flowers in the back corner really set off the bench. They look so inviting and real. I was a guest artist at a church yesterday and painted during their service. I painted the Mercy Seat that is on top of the Ark of the Covenant. Your bench reminds me of it, with the hearts on each side. The Mercy Seat has angels on each end, and yours has the big wings and hearts on the ends. Yours welcomes people to someone’s happy home. The Mercy Seat invites us to His heavenly home through His love and mercy.
    There’s a real eye opening article about new discoveries of the Ark at http://www.covenantkeepers.co.uk/ if you are interested.

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