Vignettes of Spring

2013-4-12 Boot planter with pansies

Our garden is happily blooming away. Thought I’d share a few vignettes of spring with you.

2013-4-22 driveway garden 2

Red Corn Poppies and Green Thread, the yellow flowers, are popping up among the Bluebonnets.

2013-4-14 Peggy Martin Roses back arbor 1

The Peggy Martin Roses are starting to burst out in their spring finery. In a few more weeks the arbor will be solid pink. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

2013-4-22 Canna Lily 1

Our Canna Lilies are in the bed to the right of the Rose Arbor. Here’s the first bloom of the year!

2013-4-23 back patio rockers 3

The studio patio is such a pleasant place to sit and relax. The vine to the right of our King Ranch Rockers is Star Jasmine. In a few weeks it will be in full flower and fill the air with its awesome fragrance. Thanks for visiting the studio today. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

3 Responses to “Vignettes of Spring”

  1. Lori Woodward Says:

    So beautiful and lush Mikki! All we have in New Hampshire is forsythia and a few daffodils. The trees don’t get leaves until around the 10th of May. Thanks for sharing. You’ve got a wonderful home.

  2. Patrice Kelly Says:

    I so Love looking at your Gardens , you are so Blessed .

  3. Janet Zeh Says:

    Wow it’s beautiful! All your hard work is paying off Mikki. You have an oasis of beauty there.

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