Reflections of an Old Mill

SE2213 Calming Waters Step 11

The entire surface of the water is first painted with a muted blue made of mixes of Ultramarine Blue + MUD + White. The most distant part of the pond is painted darker, it becomes lighter in the foreground. Then using color leftover from the stone building I begin to drag reflections straight down into the wet paint of the water.

SE2213 Calming Waters Step 12

When painting water think of it as a mirror. The reflections are upside down from the objects making them. Closer to the foreground I drag some horizontal strokes across the downward ones. This gives the impression of ripples in the water.

SE2213 Calming Waters Step 13

The sunlight cascading down the cattails on the left slides across the water and illuminates the lily pads floating at the base of the building.

SE2213 Calming Waters Step 14

The water tumbling over the falls is lightly dragged over the dry paint of the rocky wall. The sun highlights the water on the top edge of the falls.

SE2213 Calming Waters Step 15

Foam collects at the base of the falls. A few more horizontal ripples into the calm water finish the pond. WHEW! I must admit, this was the most intimidating part of the painting. But after I got over my initial fear and dove in, so to speak, the challenge was actually fun. Thanks for all of your kind comments! Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

4 Responses to “Reflections of an Old Mill”

  1. Patrice Kelly Says:

    I Love the colors you have chosen , Just so Beautiful !

  2. pitzersart Says:

    Nice! Rob Pitzer Pitzers Fine Arts P O Box 2850 Wimberley, Texas 78676 G: 512-722-6032 C: 512-983-1085 Sola Gracia *(By Grace Alone)*

  3. Niko Says:


  4. Jose Carrilho Says:


    I always catch myself thinking if I should do the water reflections either vertically or horizontally.

    Kind regards,


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