Progression of the Sketch


My collector really loves the general setting with the red door, yellow southwest style chair, gecko tile and red orange Trumpet Vine in the above painting, Wrapped Up In Color.


But Cathy also likes both the waterfall in the background and the fountain in Expressions of Enjoyment. She said, “One or the other would be fine. Especially like the little waterfall.”

sketch Battles

Here’s the sketch. I’ve taken the basic layout of Wrapped Up In Color and added a water feature in the foreground. Some of Cathy’s favorite flowers are Hollyhocks, Irises and Peonies so I made sure to include them. You can click on the image to see it larger.

sketch 2 Battles

After reviewing the sketch she decided the flower pot in the window was too much. Cathy also wanted to see more of the adobe wall on the left, more like in Wrapped Up In Color. The final sketch is shown here.

SE2313 Serene Retreat step 1

Now to the easel. I begin by making the perspective lines of the building and vigas, the beams extending out of the wall above the door. I lightly outline where the rocks of the water feature will be, then draw the uprights of the door and window.

SE2313 Serene Retreat step 2

The drawing on the canvas is made with a brush dipped in an oil wash mixed of equal parts of Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson. Liquin is added to thin the mixture.

SE2313 Serene Retreat step 3

The basic elements are sketched up and we’re ready to begin painting. Hope you’ll come back tomorrow and follow along. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik


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  1. Ann Montgomery Says:

    Love checking in with you each day.

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