A Friendly Gecko

SE2313 Serene Retreat step 20

I love geckos and am so glad Cathy requested one for her painting. The base color of the tile is painted first, then I add the design. Bracing my wrist on a mahl stick to steady my hand I paint the little lizard with Magenta + Liquin. What is a mahl stick? CLICK HERE to find out.

SE2313 Serene Retreat step 21

The shadow on the tile helps to cool it and make it drop into the background.

SE2313 Serene Retreat step 22

The yellow chair adds a bright, cheery touch to the corner by the door. Sunlight spilling over the Trumpet Vine lights the upper posts of the back and the front edge of the seat.

SE2313 Serene Retreat step 23

Geraniums are some of my favorite flowers, a fact which I’m sure my regular readers can confirm. They certainly are regulars in our garden and show up in a lot of my paintings. The Reds of the blossoms are blocked in to begin with; following my usual sequence of Flowers First, Leaves Last. The green leaves on the right were done when I painted the side of the canvas and the Alkyd Oils are now dry.

SE2313 Serene Retreat step 24

This is a good place to see how well the Alkyd Oil paints match the regular Oils. The foliage on the left is made with regular Oil Paints, mixed from various combinations of Pthalo Blue + Lemon Yellow. Can you see any difference from the leaves on the right? Highlighting the petals and adding flower buds are the finishing details on the Geraniums. A few petals have fallen to the ground in a gentle breeze that drifted through the courtyard. That does it for today, hope you’ll come back tomorrow. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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