Happy Hollyhocks

SE2313 Serene Retreat step 25

Let’s move to the clump of Hollyhocks nestled behind the water feature. The large blossoms are blocked in with mixes of Magenta + Dioxazine Purple + White.

SE2313 Serene Retreat step 26

Painting the foliage around the purple areas helps to shape the individual flowers. Then I add their deep centers with Magenta mixed with Liquin.

SE2313 Serene Retreat step 27

Delineating the characteristic tall stems and seed pods of the Hollyhocks finish out these happy flowers. Some of the yellow from the chair was used for the stamens in the centers of the blossoms.

SE2313 Serene Retreat step 28

The Daisies in the container are blocked in with Lavenders, Blues and Aquas. This mass of color will provide the shadows of the White flowers.

SE2313 Serene Retreat step 29

The leaves of the Daisies are painted, then centers and highlights are added on the individual flowers. The rocks of the water feature are made of mixes of Ultramarine Blue + Cadmium Orange + White. MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) is added to the mixtures for the dark shadows. A few strokes of Ultramarine Blue + White are made on the rocks where reflected light from the water illuminates them. Have a great day. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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One Response to “Happy Hollyhocks”

  1. markhilsden Says:

    Hi Mikki,
    Just to let you know that I think your artwork is really beautiful and really seeing how you developed the Tuscan pictures has been wonderful.
    Can you also let Jack know that when I see a Faso article I get very excited and is always the first email to be opened because Jack always seems to writes from experience and says things the way they really are in the big wide world and come up with things that can be used.

    Thank you very much to you both,

    Mark Hilsden

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