Drawing up the Plan

SE2513 Expression of Beauty Step 9

The front part of the sides of the canvas are covered with blue painter’s tape. When I’m done I’ll peel it off, leaving a nice, straight black edge all around the painting.

SE2513 Expression of Beauty Step 8

Now the canvas is on my easel you can see how the cardboard backing works. I’ll be able to move the piece without having to touch the wet paint. It also helps to keep my easel clean. The basic elements of the painting are drawn with a brush dipped in an oil wash made of equal amounts of Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson thinned with Liquin.

SE2513 Expression of Beauty Step 10

The glass area on the door and window are covered with the same oil wash. I’m careful to keep it translucent, not wanting a completely opaque coverage. This way when the door and window are finished it will look as if something is behind the glass in the room inside.

SE2513 Expression of Beauty Step 11

The flowers are labeled to serve as a reminder while I’m painting. Sometimes I’ll be happily painting away and put the wrong flowers in! Don’t want to do that on a collaboration.  Thanks for following along today, we’ll start applying paint in our next session. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

2 Responses to “Drawing up the Plan”

  1. Angie johnston Says:

    I have a question. I see you have your turp in a gallon milk jug, how often do you change out the turp? And what do you do with the old turp?
    I have a small glass jar with a wire bottom to clean the brush that I use ,didnt know if the milk jug would be better.



    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Hi Angie,
      This is a good question that all of my readers might like to hear answered. The turps is in a gallon water jug. When I first started painting we tried milk jugs but found they smelled after a few days no matter how much they were washed to begin with. So much for recycling milk bottles. But water jugs are great. We use Turpenoid because it has no odor.
      To clean my thinner I just pour off the clear turpenoid into another plastic water bottle and throw the old bottle with the gunk in the trash. This has to be done in the morning after the thinner sits all night and the yuck has settled to the bottom. I do this about every five or six days depending on how dirty the thinner is. Hope this helps.
      Hugs, Mikki

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