Collaboration for a Milestone


This is a fun project for long time collectors who discovered my work soon after they were first married in the 1990s. The collaboration will be a surprise 20th anniversary gift for the wife. Our client especially liked the “window into another world” feel of the painting above, Unforgettable Elegance. He wanted to combine elements from their life together along with many of the different places they’ve lived including La Jolla, Texas, Arizona and London.

red phone booth 5

London? Both Jack and I immediately said, “A red phone booth would be really cool!” I found this image on

Sketch Risdall

Here’s my sketch. The jewel like water of La Jolla, California will be seen through the archway. Texas Bluebonnets fill the pots on either side of the doorway. The flowers in the planter in the right foreground are all found in Arizona. The Phone booth will be nestled among Sunflowers and draping vines. When our collector saw the sketch he immediately emailed and said, “the phone booth is perfect. We are all huge Dr. Who fans. That could be the Tardis.”

AAA tardis for risdall painting

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the Dr. Who series the Tardis was a time travel machine in the form of a Police Box. Going back to I found the image above for reference. We’ll start working on the canvas tomorrow, please do come watch. AND…. Before I let you go here is the link to Jack’s latest article on Fine Art Studio Online. To read Four Magic Words just CLICK HERE   Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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