Gecko and Cobblestones

JW Taos 24-250 16x20

Before we begin painting I want to let you know about an EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY to own a Jack White. On our eBay auction we are offering this Hand Embellished Limited Original on Canvas of Jack’s beautiful oil painting “Taos”. To view the image larger just click on  the picture. Hurry, the auction ends Sunday, June 30 and the bidding starts at only a penny. That’s right, 1 Cent! CLICK HERE to go to the auction.

JW Taos with reverse signature

The Limited Original is unframed with plenty of canvas for stretching. Not only is the piece titled and numbered with the edition at the top border, it bears Jack’s unique reverse signature. This was how he had to sign his trademark gold leaf “Echruseos” because they were done on the back of glass. The signature appeared in the correct direction on the front of the gold leaf. When the Limited Original is stretched in a traditional manner the labeling will be upright on the back of the piece. To go to the eBay auction for this piece CLICK HERE.

SF2813 Flooded With Light step 11

Now let’s get to work. I brace against a mahl stick hooked over the top of my easel to steady my hand as I paint the Gecko tile design.

SF2813 Flooded With Light step 12

The window in the foreground is a mix of Ultramarine Blue + a touch of Dioxazine Purple + White. The light will spill into the painting from behind the dark building on the left. Terra cotta containers are painted with mixes of MUD + Cadmium Orange + Cadmium Red Light + White.

SF2813 Flooded With Light step 13

For the floor I begin working on the upper level of the porch and paint forward. The upright planes of the steps are made darker, the top surfaces are lighter because the sun hits them more directly.

SF2813 Flooded With Light step 14

The sunlit portion of the cobblestones are made cooler toward the back and become warmer as we paint forward.

SF2813 Flooded With Light step 15

Next the shadow across the front is blocked in. Notice the back of the shadow area is cooler so it falls back. I lay the paint in with rough, textured strokes to give the impression of irregular cobbles.

SF2813 Flooded With Light step 16

The cracks and crevices between the cobblestones are loosely indicated with touches of MUD. I don’t want to outline each and every rock. I let my brush dance along the edges of the rough brushstrokes to give the impression of the cobbles. There is more detail in the foreground with less and less as the floor recedes.

SF2813 Flooded With Light step 17

Cobblestones….DONE. Hope you’ll come back for our next session. I’ll be planting. Why don’t you bring some gardening gloves and come help? Hugs, Mikki Senkarik


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