Flooded With Light

SF2813 Flooded With Light step 18

Nasturtiums are so wonderful with their happy blossoms and long tendrils. I block the flowers in first #1. Then the leaves are painted around the mass of Oranges and Reds #2. Working in this sequence keeps the flower color bright and clean. If I painted the foliage first my brush would pick up some of the green when applying the flower color, making it muddy.

SF2813 Flooded With Light step 19

The petals catching the sunlight are highlighted. Then the deep dark centers are added, completing the Nasturtiums. Remember, if you would like to see any of the images larger just click on the picture.

SF2813 Flooded With Light step 20

The Hollyhocks are painted in the same sequence: Flowers First, Leaves Last.

SF2813 Flooded With Light step 21

Crisp, White Daisies line up along the base of the adobe courtyard wall. After blocking in the flowers and foliage I highlight the blossoms illuminated by the shaft of sunlight pouring into the painting from the left.

SF2813 Flooded With Light 34x42Flooded With Light     34″ x 42″      Original Oil Painting

Stately Dioxazine Purple Delphiniums fill the lower left corner, helping to make up the dark shadow that acts as a threshold across the front of the painting. Think of being outside your home on a warm summer night. Imagine the front door is open, revealing the brightly lit interior. Your gaze is drawn through the darkness and across the threshold of the doorway by the light inside. In a painting the light behind the dark shadow in the foreground pulls your viewer into the piece and helps to give the feeling of depth. This technique also works extremely well with landscapes. You can make a cloud cast a shadow over the foreground of your painting.

This hidden Santa Fe corner is Flooded with Light and ready to head to the gallery for our annual Collector Event, August 30 and 31. If you would like more information about the event just email us at Senkarik@senkarik.com. Hope you’ll come, we’d love to personally give you a big, Texas HUG! Mikki Senkarik

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