Whispering Joy

Before we get started today I would like to share Jack’s latest article that’s just been published at Fine Art Studio Online. CLICK HERE to read Eight Keys to Being a Professional.

SG4013 Whispering Joy Step 1

Here is another of the new pieces for our annual Collector Event at the Santa Fe Art Collector Gallery. I’ve always admired the Rose of Sharon, they remind me of a cross between a Hibiscus and a Hollyhock! The basic composition of the flower shapes is quickly drawn up on the canvas with an oil wash of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin. Then I begin roughing in the background.

SG4013 Whispering Joy Step 2

As I work I continue the design on to the sides of the gallery wrap canvas which has been mounted to a piece of cardboard. This helps in handling the wet painting. To see how this was done with another piece that was painted on the sides CLICK HERE.

SG4013 Whispering Joy Step 3

The closest flowers are now painted using blues and lavenders for the shadows. Then pure White is applied for the highlights. Magenta is used for the centers.

SG4013 Whispering Joy Step 4

Next the yellow stamens are placed in the dark centers. To see any of the images larger just click on the picture.

SG4013 Whispering Joy 14x14Whispering Joy       14″ x 14″     Original Oil Painting

The papery white blossoms of the Rose of Sharon glisten in the sunlight Whispering Joy to all who view them.

SG4013 Whispering Joy sides 2SG4013 Whispering Joy sides 1

These images show the painted sides. I’m so excited to see what kind of reaction we get at the Collector Event. Hope you can come to Santa Fe and see the UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL series in person. Besides we’d just love to see you!

BIG HUGS, Mikki Senkarik

4 Responses to “Whispering Joy”

  1. Jayne Wilson Says:

    Love the Rose of Sharon painting. I have these in my garden and love them.

  2. Tracy Says:

    Hi Mikki,

    I adore gallery wrap. The peek around the corner to see the lovely image continue on is my favorite! From a practical pov, you don’t HAVE to frame it…so you can have a bigger budget for the painting! 🙂 Absolutely beautiful!

    Have you ever done insects? Dragonflies and the like?

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Thank you on the gallery wrap. We like it too and I’m going to start doing more for our galleries. As for Dragonflies and insects the closest I’ve come to painting them is adding a butterfly from time to time in a piece. BUT…..I can certainly paint them especially for you. We can collaborate on exactly what you would like. Just email me at senkarik@senkarik.com.
      Have a wonderful day. Mikki

  3. Shelley Whiting Says:

    Your flowers are very bright and vibrant. Beautiful and gorgeous work.

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