Tribute to a Faithful Companion

Chipper Dale

A longtime friend of ours has been battling colon cancer since April 2012. We’re happy to report she is doing well and is cancer free today. Chipper Dale, Jo’s faithful companion for 14 years was constantly by her side during all of the cancer ups and downs. God gathered Chipper Dale up in his arms and took him to Puppy Heaven this past week. It’s so tough to lose a pet, they are such a part of your soul. Jack suggested I do a painting of him as a surprise for Jo.

SG4613 Chipper Dale step 1

Since we’ll be shipping this while it’s still a bit wet I’m attaching the canvas to cardboard. Two screw eyes are inserted into the stretcher bars, one at the top, the other at the bottom. I make sure to go ahead and label the back of the painting with title, number of authenticity and a personal note. A hanger and nail is taped to the hanging wire. An arrow is penciled in on the front of the canvas indicating the top so the labeling on the back is right side up.

SG4613 Chipper Dale step 2

The cardboard is pressed down onto the screw eyes, making indentations. Using an ice pick holes are made so the screw eyes protrude up above the cardboard. Then nails are inserted through them to hold the canvas to the backing. This makes it easy to handle and ship the wet painting.

SG4613 Chipper Dale step 3

The first step is to sketch Chipper Dale up on the canvas in an oil wash, a mixture of Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson + Liquin. To see any of these pictures larger just click on the image

SG4613 Chipper Dale step 4

The background is painted with blues and greens. These cool colors will drop back when Chipper Dale’s warm, golden coat is painted.

SG4613 Chipper Dale step 5

Various mixtures of Cadmium Orange + Ultramarine Blue + White are used for his fluffy coat. MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) is added for the darker values. A bit of Cadmium Red Light is mixed in for the redder tones in Chipper’s coat.

SG4613 Chipper Dale step 6

By working wet-into-wet over the background I can keep the fur on the edges of his body soft. Next the planes of the head are blocked in, then I’ll come back to add the detail, eyes and nose.

SG4613 Chipper Dale 14x11Chipper Dale      14″ x 11″     Original Oil Painting

Jo is such a courageous lady and has been through so much. We want to celebrate her victory over cancer and pay a tribute to her most faithful companion. Thank you for following along today. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

9 Responses to “Tribute to a Faithful Companion”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Such a beauty, and what a touching, lovely, and enduring tribute.

  2. Betty Henderson Says:

    What a loving tribute for your friend.

  3. Cindy Revell Says:

    Beautiful as always Mikki! She’ll never forget a wonderful gift like this.

    How do you secure the note to the canvas? Each of my paintings has a little story and I’ve always wanted to attach it in a way that remained secure but have been wary of using a product that could have some detrimental effect on the canvas.

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      We use KILZ paint to make a square on the back of the canvas. Then I write any information I want there with a Sharpie pen. The KILZ paint will keep the ink from bleeding through. My EMBRYOS are painted on cradled panels so I just use white acrylic on the back to make my square. Hope this helps.
      Happy Painting, Mikki

  4. Houston Marshall Says:

    The doctor couldn’t order anything better than this! What a stunning painting!

  5. bonita austin Says:

    It’s a beauty!

  6. Doris Nickerson Says:

    What a lovely tribute to her beloved pet — such a thoughtful gift. I love it.

  7. Christopher Newell Says:

    Chipper Dale is waiting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge with my Springer Spaniel, Pepper. And like Pepper, he has those “All-in-the-name-of-Love” EYES. The unconditional needs no speak. Cherished kinda covers it with a warm fuzzy.- Best to Jack; he sent me his book two days ago and all hell is about to break lose.
    Mikki, It was your life story that made me seek you two out…we WILL meet one day but until then back to The Mystery and a Self Portrait, CIRCA: 1839….Jack will show you my paintings if you ask.

    Warmest Regards,

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