Immersed in Spring

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASG4913 Immersed in Spring step 1Beautiful Spring! The earth wakes up and flowers come alive. Our front patio overflows with Red Corn Poppies, Bluebonnets, Laura Bush Petunias, Mexican Bush Sage, Salvia Greggi and fragrant Mountain Laurel. A quick sketch is made to compose my idea. I decided to move some California Poppies from another area to the foreground of this piece. You may click on any of the images to view them larger.

SG4913 Immersed in Spring step 3

The basic plan is drawn up on the canvas in a thin oil wash. I extend the rock wall to fill the entire left corner because the adobe color will make a nice neutral backdrop for the brilliant chair and flowers. Then I begin painting the Mountain Laurel, Flowers First, Leaves Last.

SG4913 Immersed in Spring step 4

I’ve decided not to include the Red Salvia Greggi, instead filling the background with the purples of the Mountain Laurel and Mexican Bush Sage. These cool colors will drop back behind the chair and the warmer, more intense flowers in the foreground.

SG4913 Immersed in Spring step 5

The Petunias are blocked in with mixes of Magenta + Permanent Rose + White and Permanent Rose + White. Working near the edges I continue the design onto the sides.

SG4913 Immersed in Spring step 6

The flowers of the Red Corn Poppies are added, then California Poppies bring a bright blast of warmth to the foreground.

SG4913 Immersed in Spring 14x14Immersed in Spring     14″ x 14″    Original Oil Painting

I love sitting in this little courtyard totally Immersed in Spring, enveloped by the fragrance of the Petunias and Mountain Laurels.

SG4913 Immersed in Spring 14x14 Sides 1SG4913 Immersed in Spring 14x14 Sides 2Immersed in Spring is another one of my paintings for our annual Collector Event at the Santa Fe Art Collector Gallery, 217 Galisteo Street. We’ll be there August 30 and 31. Hope you can come. If you would like to RSVP for the Collector Gala at 4PM on Saturday or want to receive a catalog of the show paintings just email us at We’ll send the catalog out about a week before the show, I still have a lot of pieces to paint 🙂

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HUGS, Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

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One Response to “Immersed in Spring”

  1. Bob Ragland Says:

    Your step by step data is great!
    Good instruction for all.

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