Color Song

eb SG5213 Color Song Step 2

This piece is the last one in my Provence suite on eBay. The auctions end tomorrow evening, Sunday August 4, so hurry!

To go directly to all four auctions CLICK HERE.

eb SG5213 Color Song Step 3

Jack and I had so much fun meandering our way through Provence, we loved all the colored doors. After blocking in the rugged stucco wall I start on this one. A mix of Magenta + Cadmium Red Deep is used for the shadow while pure Cadmium Red Light makes up the sunlit portion of the door.

eb SG5213 Color Song Step 4
I fell in love with these hinges and door latch the moment we saw them as we wandered through the hilltop village of Eze. Don’t you think they are pretty cool? Morning Glories cascade down over the doorway in a veil of Megenta blossoms.

eb SG5213 Color Song 6x6

I must admit to adding the Sunflowers and Hollyhocks as guardians on either side of the crimson door. Let this little piece sing a Color Song every time you look at it on your wall.

eb SG5213 Color Song with measure

Color Song is one in a suite of four Provence themed EMBRYOS. They measure 6″ x 6″ and you don’t have to worry about doing any framing. The sides are finished and they’re ready to hang.

eb SG5013 Provence Suite 1

Here’s a photo of the grouping of 4 Embryos so you can see how they look. Bring the beauty of Provence to your home. The auctions are staggered 7 minutes apart so you can win all four Original Oil Paintings to hang on your wall. AND…..If you win the ENTIRE Suite of Provence EMBRYOS we will give you FREE SHIPPING! BUT HURRY, the auctions end Sunday evening, August 4 beginning at 8 PM Central Time.

CLICK HERE to go directly to all four auctions.

Happy bidding! HUGS,

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4 Responses to “Color Song”


    What a nice grouping these four pieces would make!

  2. mahsa Says:

    hi mikki i wanted to aks you what color you mixed for the leaves that are (green-blue) ? (the leaves that have more blue)
    thank you mikki.
    mahsa from canada

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Hi Masha,
      The green-blue leaves are a mix of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + White. You can add a little Cadmium Yellow Medium to make them even greener. Add more of the Pthalo Blue to make them bluer. Hope this helps. HAPPY PAINTING! Mikki

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