Coastal Reflections

eb SH5713 Coastal Reflections Step 1

My eBay auctions this week feature a pair of EMBRYOS designed to hang together, portraying the calm of water birds on a Coastal Marsh at sunset. These paintings retail in our galleries for $300 each but to add to the fun we are starting the bidding on both auctions at 1 cent. That’s right, ONLY A PENNY! But you must act quickly, the auctions end Sunday evening, August 11 beginning at 8 PM Central TIme.

CLICK HERE to go directly to both auctions.

eb SH5713 Coastal Reflections Step 2

After drawing up the two embryos side-by-side I begin painting with the sky. Dark clouds accentuate the brightness of the setting sun.

eb SH5713 Coastal Reflections Step 3

The colors of the sky reflect down into the still water. The darkness of the foliage and reflections behind the Roseate Spoonbills will highlight their brilliant plumage.

eb SH5713 Coastal Reflections Step 4

The first time we saw these pink birds flying across the sky we thought they were Flamingos! We certainly were surprised when they landed; a quick consultation in our birding book rewarded us with the name of the large billed coastal residents, Roseate Spoonbills. Every time Jack and I lived near the coast we spent hours watching the local birds. We especially love observing the “Rosies” feeding, moving their long, spoon-shaped bills back and forth through the shallow water as their hot pink reflections dance below them.

eb SH5713 Coastal Reflections 6x6

Coastal Refections is one of two EMBRYOS designed to hang as a pair, but they can be displayed individually. I’ve included a picture of the grouping. Bring the beauty of Calm Waters at Sunset to your home. The auctions are staggered 7 minutes apart so you can win the two Original Oil Paintings to hang on your wall. AND…..If you win both pieces we will give you FREE SHIPPING!

eb SH5613, SH5713

Reflections of the sky on still water as the sun slowly descends at the end of the day are so beautiful. Then add some Roseate Spoonbills and Snow Egrets to complete the setting. AHHH, it’s time to relax and enjoy, escaping the hustle bustle of the day.

CLICK HERE to go directly to both auctions.

eb SH5713 Coastal Reflections with tape

Having earned a Master’s degree in Medical Illustration from the Medical College of Georgia, I’ve illustrated 47 major Medical, Anatomy and Surgical Textbooks. In honor of my Medical background these charming baby oil paintings are called EMBRYOS. Jack and I are happy to offer these 6 inch by 6 inch EMBRYOS to our eBay collectors. They are new, fresh ideas that have yet to be “birthed” into a larger gallery piece. Add a spot of color on your wall with one or several, these collectible EMBRYOS hang nicely in groups. Do you have a gift giving occasion coming up? EMBRYOS make wonderful gifts that will bring smiles for years to come.

Happy Bidding,
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One Response to “Coastal Reflections”

  1. Sherry Johnson Says:

    Thank you, Mikki for taking us through the process of creating your paintings. Seeing each step has helped me in my study & practice of trying to be a better artist & it is much appreciated by me.

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