It’s HOT!

Jack’s newest article is HOT off the press at Fine Art Studio Online. CLICK HERE to read Talkin’.

2013-8-14 Driveway garden

AND it’s HOT, HOT, HOT in our garden. We’ve been up in the hundreds every day for a few weeks. Our Pride of Barbados and Crepe Myrtles are loving the heat.

2013-8-14 Driveway garden 2

We’ve cultivated the Yellow Green Tread from seeds we collected on North Padre Island. These grew wild all over the island, we collected bags of seeds and now the flowers happily dance in our garden beds.

2013-8-14 Driveway garden 3

I just had to include another view of this cheery combination of Yellow, Red-Orange and White. If you’d like to enlarge any of these pictures just click on the image.

2013-6-11 Vitex Tree 1

The Vitex, or Texas Lilac, adds to the cornucopia of color!

2013-8-14 Zinnias 4

Zinnias love the heat and ours are thriving! HMMMM, this would make a nice painting. I have some Good News to share, our Santa Fe Gallery has already sold SIX of the show paintings. I’ve been busy preparing canvases and packing paintings. I guess I’d better get busy painting. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

2 Responses to “It’s HOT!”

  1. Barbie Soli Says:

    oh wao, what a gorgeous garden! thanks for sharing , God bless you!

  2. Maria Elvira Toth Says:

    … very – very pretty !!!

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