SH7213 Mesmerizing Vista Step 8

Our balcony in Bellagio overlooks the quaint, little harbor of Pescallo. I love the reflections of the old buildings dancing and shimmering on the calm water. Rustling palm fronds add to the ambience.

SH7213 Mesmerizing Vista Step 9

While the paint of the wall is wet I draw the heart shaped back of the chair into it. A mix of Alizarin Crimson + Pthalo Blue is used for the wrought iron.

SH7213 Mesmerizing Vista Step 10

The entire surface of the floor is painted first, establishing the sunlight streaming through the arch across the Terra Cotta pavers. Next the perspective lines of the tiles are drawn freehand into the floor’s surface with a fine liner brush.

SH7213 Mesmerizing Vista Step 11

Horizontal lines separating the pavers finish out the floor. Then the legs of the table and chairs are drawn into the wet paint. Periwinkle Blue seat cushions made of a mixture of Dioxazine Purple + Ultramarine Blue + White provide a cushy place for the viewer to sit. That’s all for today. Hope you’ll come back tomorrow to help me garden. Hugs,

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One Response to “Pescallo”

  1. Christopher Newell Says:

    67 years ago today some doctor swatted my ass.
    I never did like him. You & Jack have a fun time in Santa Fe.

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