Mesmerizing Vista

SH7213 Mesmerizing Vista Step 12

Wine, grapes and cheese offer a romantic repast with a delightful view.

SH7213 Mesmerizing Vista Step 13

The Red blossoms of the Geraniums are blocked in first, #1. Then the green leaves are painted around the flowers, #2. By following this sequence Flowers First, Leaves Last, the color of the blooms remains crisp and clean. If the leaves were done first, my brush would pick up some of the green when painting the red flowers, muddying the color.

SH7213 Mesmerizing Vista Step 14

Adding flower buds and highlights on the petals finishes out the Geraniums. The mass of white Daisies is blocked in with lavenders and blues. This will be the shadow area of the flowers.

SH7213 Mesmerizing Vista 24x30Mesmerizing Vista   24×30    Original Oil Painting

Pure White accentuates the blossoms touched by the sun, Nasturtiums fill the lower right corner and WE’RE DONE! The paintings for my show are finished. Whew, I’m ready to plop down, have a little sip of wine and enjoy the Mesmerizing Vista! To see the complete catalog of my special paintings for our 2013 Collector Event CLICK HERE.

Hope you can come join us in Santa Fe for our big event! It’s this Friday and Saturday at the Santa Fe Art Collector Gallery at 217 Galisteo Street. Hugs,

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