Beyond Our Wildest Imagination


25 Paintings

33 SOLD!!!

What an event! We have the best collectors in the world. It was so fun to welcome new Team Senkarik Members and rekindle our friendship with others we’ve known for years. I have empty gallery walls to fill and lots of new commissions to paint. Plus several other collaborations for collectors who so graciously offered to put theirs on hold so I could concentrate on the show paintings. They will be first in line when I get back to the easel in a few days.

In the meantime we just wanted to share our joy with you.  Here’s a big, Texas “Much Obliged” to all of our Team members and everyone at the Santa Fe Art Collector Gallery who helped make this so wonderful for Jack and I. As soon as I get the time to download the pictures I’ll be posting them on the blog. So stay tuned!

With BIG HUGS of appreciation,

Mikki and Jack signature JPEG

29 Responses to “Beyond Our Wildest Imagination”

  1. Donna Pierce-Clark Says:

    You and Jack are loved by so many and your paintings are stunning!

  2. Christopher Newell Says:

    Big Grins, Great pic, Congrats, Hugs ~
    Back to being a brush-slinger. : )>…you two inspire me.

  3. Sherry Meyer Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! God is so good and faithful…showering you both with blessings! I agree…you both inspire me as well, and I thank you for it.

  4. Alison Duke Says:

    Thats fantastic Mikki Congratulations from Australia.

    On Mon, Sep 2, 2013 at 9:30 PM, Mikki Senkarik

  5. Jimmy Says:

    Thanks for being such good friends, I love you both very dearly and was so happy to buy your “old friends” back to the easel this morning.
    Jimmy Springett-wildlife painter

  6. Betty Henderson Says:

    Fantastic! You both are inspirations to the rest of us.

  7. Janet Zeh Says:

    Wow! Congratulations on a great show, Mikki and Jack! Big hugs, Janet

  8. Catherine Bast Says:

    So pleased for you – how wonderful – may your coming year be just as blessed. – Cathy from Canada

  9. lorilandisart Says:

    Yahoo! Congratulations!! You two are dynamos!

  10. Giovanna Barbara Says:

    Soy Argentina. Vivo en Buenos Aires.Tengo 86 años veo muy poco pero si llegan a mi alma todos tus trabajos
    que Dios te ilumine siempre Un abrazo lleno de luz para ti y tu amada familia Giovanna.

  11. corie white Says:

    Awesome news! You two are the most inspiring artists EVER!! I love reading about your success…. 🙂


    Congratulations! Well done!

  13. Margaret Park Says:

    How wonderful!! Congrats!!

  14. Rob Nightingale Says:

    TERRIFIC and congratulations…..From all of us at Wilder Nightingale Fine Art. Rob, Donna and Tim

  15. Elaine Kolodziej Says:

    Awesome. So happy for your successful, safe trip. 🙂

  16. Tracy Says:

    Well deserved! It was a gorgeous collection and your work is engaging, inspiring,and just plain beautiful (though beauty is ever plain).

    Continued success!

  17. Howard Cooperman Says:

    Congratulations on another successful event.

  18. Maria Elvira Toth Says:

    Congratulations !! Elvira from: Hungaria

  19. nanseesart Says:

    Wow! That is awesome and gives hope to other artists, such as myself, that it IS possible to sell everything. I was just praying that this morning, that all my artwork would touch/bless the lives of others and all my artwork would sell! You are a living example that all things are possible to those who believe!

  20. Bob Ragland Says:

    Love to hear about an artist going to the bank. Bravo!!!!!

  21. burger Says:

    congratulations, just one question, from where the love of painting arches…love them

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Good Question! I love archways. They seem more inviting and offer a nice contrast to square doors. As a teen I spent six weeks in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I think it was there I first became enamored with arches. All the hidden gardens and courtyards seemed to have them. Then traveling in Europe just increased my love affair with archways. Hope this answers your question. Thank you for following my blog. Hugs, Mikki

  22. Marsha Clements Says:

    I stopped by the gallery after you left–I guess on Sunday. Your paintings were beautiful and all of those sold signs! Congratulations!

  23. Bill Hyman Says:

    The show was fantastic! Sarah and I were thrilled to be able to attend our first Team Senkarik event, meet you and Jack, and get to know other collectors. I particularly liked when the raffle started that Jack’s name was drawn first!!

  24. Phyllis Hilley Says:

    Woo Hoo! What a wonderful time! You are both amazing!
    Hugs,Phyllis & Darrell

  25. Julie Brayton Says:

    Congratulations Guys! You both are an inspiration and a huge help to us out here!
    Jack, the last fine art newsletter post you wrote was timely for me. I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what to do. I don’t do a lot of shows right now due to the cost so I stay local to me and it’s been terrible! While two guys I’ve known for years are making $5 to 6000 a show. They are like night and day from each other in style presentation and salesmanship. Despite some recent limitations I have been forging ahead listening, reading and watching you and others to learn. The newsletter you wrote was an aha moment for me!
    I have been watching Mikki do just as you have written! It’s awesome!
    Thanks again!
    Your not sitting in front of your paintings Mikki are you?

  26. Jana Says:

    Fantastical, Mikki and Jack! Nothing like great sales to validate an art career that might have felt as if it was faltering (It wasn’t, obviously!)

  27. Sheetal Gehlot Says:

    i m fan of you work………..super…..cantinue

  28. claudia hartley Says:

    I was so touched by you both when I met you in Carefree and Cave Creek area of AZ. Jack spoke at my Sonoran Arts League some years ago. I have followed you both ever since. We had two big things in common–God and Art!

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