Basket of Gold

2013-9-11 Flag 3

I’d just like to take a moment to pause and pay tribute to everyone touched by 9-11. We are extremely fortunate to live here in America. Jack and I want to thank all of those, both military and civilian, who sacrifice so much to keep us safe.

SI7813 Step 1

Today I’m working on the companion piece to Ruler of the Roost. The basic plan is sketched up on the canvas with a brush dipped in an oil wash made of Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson + Liquin.

SI7813 Step 2

Using paint left over from the rooster the background is blocked in around the areas where the Sunflowers will be. After painting the tablecloth I begin working on the basket.

SI7813 Step 3

The base color of the basket is painted first with a dark mixture of Cadmium Orange + Ultramarine Blue + White. Coming back with a lighter shade of the same mix the texture of the wicker basket is made.

SI7813 Step 4

The entire mass of red grapes is blocked in first with a rich mix of Magenta + Alizarin Crimson. Circular brushstrokes are made to give the impression of the round grapes.

SI7813 Step 5

Adding the highlight on top and the reflected light along the opposite side helps to shape each individual grape. This same method was followed for the green grapes.

SI7813 Step 6

The Sunflowers are blocked in with mixes of Cadmium Yellow Medium + Alizarin Crimson and Cadmium Yellow Medium + Cadmium Orange.

SI7813 Basket of Gold 10x10

The deep green foliage is worked around the masses of yellow, helping to shape the Sunflowers. Pure Cadmium Yellow Medium with a touch of Lemon Yellow added is used to accentuate the petals glistening in the light. This Basket of Gold is ready to bring a burst of sunshine to its new home.

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9 Responses to “Basket of Gold”

  1. Nancy Cupp Says:

    Wow! The style is very impressionistic and yet the grapes look so transparent and delicious. I just want to grab some and eat them! I’ve spent hours and hours painting grapes, trying to get them to look life like and you seem to do it so effortlessly! Well done!

  2. susanajardine Says:

    Love your beautiful artwork and lovely gardens that you share. Your home and gardens are beautiful works of art. Hello to you and Jack. Best, Susan Alcott Jardine.

  3. Mary duncan Says:

    Never get tired of seeing your painting techniques that become the beautiful works of art you produce !!

  4. Saartjie van den Bergh Says:

    Dear Mikki

    Thank you so much for you post and the information you share with us. I just joined your mailing list due to a painting I saw on the internet.

    I just want to ask if you ever use Winsor and Newton Artist paints? I’m a novice in painting and I believe that the artist paints are the best. Although I saw on your blog that on some pictures you use the students paint. The colours are so fantastic and it is much cheaper than the artist paints.

    God bless and thank you for sharing your painting tips! You are so bless with fantastic talent.

    Saartjie van den Bergh 082 324 9069 (South Africa) “Soar like an eagle, higher and higher”

    Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 23:32:37 +0000 To:

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Hi Saartjie,
      We use the Winson and Newton WINTON brand because it’s much cheaper. The student grade uses the very same pigments as their more expensive paint. Jack has used WINTON Oil Paints for $75,000 portraits. They last just as long and the colors don’t fade. We use a LOT of paint, the savings is nice. Hope this helps. Welcome to my blog and Thank you for following.
      Hugs, Mikki

  5. mjspringett Says:

    Mikki, great work as usual, i love the basket weave and how you do it, thanks

  6. Saartjie van den Bergh Says:

    Hi Mikkie

    Looking through your blog I saw the brands of paints you using. I made a question earlier.

    Another question is, how do you store your left over paints?


    Saartjie van den Bergh 082 324 9069 “Soar like an eagle, higher and higher”

    Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 23:32:37 +0000 To:

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      I usually place the oil paints I’ve mixed on the left side of my glass palette, lined up in rows so I can use any of the colors I might need. They last a couple of days out on the palette. If I want to save them longer I use my palette knife to put them on the inside of a plastic cup, much like those larger containers yogurt comes in. I can put about 10 dabs of color in a cup about midway down the side. Then I fill the cup with water making sure all of the paint is completely covered. The paint lasts about a week using this method.
      Happy Painting, Mikki


    What a great little painting!
    A refreshing approach to the age old still life!
    Great idea, great job!

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