Sit and Visit a While

SI9013 Sit and Visit a While Step 10

Just like the Wisteria I block in the flowers of the pink Petunias first. Various mixes of Permanent Rose + White and Permanent Rose + Magenta + White are ‘smooshed’ together to make a variegated mass of color.

SI9013 Sit and Visit a While Step 11

The leaves are painted around the pink blossoms. I’ve interspersed a few brushstrokes of the darker aqua from the chair into the foliage to add coolness. Then the deep centers of the Petunias are drawn into the flowers with a brush dipped into Magenta.

SI9013 Sit and Visit a While Step 12

Red Corn Poppies are some of the few exceptions to my Flowers First, Leaves Last rule. These flowers don’t make large clumps of color so I work on the soft green foliage first. To paint the brilliant red blossoms I gently “Lay” the thick paint over the background of leaves and chair. This gives the appearance of Palette Knife work and I definitely could accomplish the same look with that tool. However, I prefer to use my large Bright brushes instead.

SI9013 Sit and Visit a While 24x20Sit and Visit a While       24″ x 20″      Original Oil Painting

Geraniums and White Daisies fill the terra cotta containers, delicate California Poppies are planted alongside the Red Corn Poppies and SHAZAM, our collaboration is complete! To see the finished piece enlarged just click on the image.

Sit and Visit a While-Jumble of ColorThe two paintings make a bright and cheerful conversational garden. Wouldn’t you just love to Sit and Visit a While immersed in the beauty of the flowers? Like I mentioned before, our collectors come up with such wonderful ideas. Don’t you think this is a delightful pair? Thank you for visiting our studio today. Hope you’ll come back soon. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

2 Responses to “Sit and Visit a While”

  1. Tracy Says:

    When you first laid the red-orange for the poppies, but before the core, they looked like a dance of butterflies. Gorgeous and whimsical. The close up of the chair leg made me think I could just make out the small, crooked wood carved heart promising two lovers forever. As always, I loved your work and the pair is relating, rejuvenating, and beautifully suited. Have a great evening Mikki.

  2. Aarti Sharma Says:

    I love your bright and cheerful work. It so easily lifts up one’s mood.

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