Peaceful Shadows

SJ10313 Step 7

The flowers of the Wisteria are blocked in with Dioxazine Purple + White. Then the leaves are painted around the blossoms.

SJ10313 Step 8

I come back and paint the individual petals of the Wisteria. I let the lacy blooms drape down over the adobe wall and gate. A few wandering tendrils of the vine are drawn with a fine liner brush.

SJ10313 Step 9

The surface of the floor is painted with thick brushstrokes, establishing the light and shadow pattern on the rough pavers. Then I draw the curved perspective lines into the wet paint of the floor.

SJ10313 Step 10

After I finish drawing the lines separating the pavers I go ahead and sign the painting while the floor is still wet. It would be hard to pull a smooth line over dry, bumpy paint. Next the flowers of the Geraniums are roughed in with Cadmium Red Deep, Cadmium Red Medium and Cadmium Red LIght.

SJ10313 Step 11

Leaves, stems and flower buds finish out our Geraniums hanging on the Shepherd’s hooks.

SJ10313 Step 12

The Hollyhocks are painted with a special color, Geranium Lake. I work the flowers over the edge and onto the side of the canvas.

SJ10313 Step 13

Birds of Paradise are accentuated by the dark foliage of Hollyhocks in the background.

SJ10313 Step 14

The long strap-like leaves of the Butterfly Iris are now painted.

SJ10313 Peaceful Shadows 14x14Peaceful Shadows     14″ x 14″    Original Oil Painting

Yellow Margarite Daisies provide a cheery companion to the White Butterfly Iris that direct your eye to the Peaceful Shadows cascading across the bright blue gate. Please do remember, if you would like to see any of the pictures larger, just click on the image. Have a wonderful day. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

3 Responses to “Peaceful Shadows”

  1. Patrice Kelly Says:

    Hi Mikki ,

    I Love watching how you paint and the Colors you always chose . Starting my First Digital Class ever with Heather , The Painter , I am beyond excited . I just wanted to take a Minute to say Thank you for taking your time and teaching and sharing your knowledge of painting . I have to tell you am I am scared to death , I have never painted a thing in my Life , but something has just come over me , for the past 2 years , telling me to take a chance at Painting , at least digitally for now .

    Take care & Thanks ,


    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Thank you for your wonderful comments. Way to go on taking the Digital Painting class. Don’t be scared, just have fun. That is the most important thing in making art, just Enjoy! You are going to do great.
      Hugs, Mikki

  2. Annette Says:

    Your paintings are beautiful. I love this Peaceful Shadows. I was surprised and so happy to see that you shared the paint colors as well as the steps you took to paint it. I am new to painting, and found this is the only time I am at peace and can stay in the moment. I love it. I am going to try to paint this. Thank you for sharing your craft.

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