A Nifty Little Easel


One of the most important tools an artist can use is a mirror in back of them. I turn and view my painting constantly as I work. By looking at your work in reverse it switches the image from the inventive side of your brain to the analytical side. This allows you to honestly critique your art is if someone else painted it. It’s very easy to see if proportions are off or lines aren’t straight. We’ve always kept the mirror I use for painting on an easel with wheels and just rolled it behind me when I’m working. The easel is a metal one with small plastic wheels that we’ve used for several years. It has been getting more and more rickety. Jack and I have worried about the easel breaking and the mirror crashing to the floor. With two black cats we don’t want to chance seven years of bad luck!

On Black Friday we received an email from Jerry’s Artarama with a coupon. Jack said, “Why don’t you go online and see what they have?” So….I did.

Nifty little easel 2

Found this cool little easel with great BIG wheels. Compact, sturdy and reaches full height. The regular list price is $399.99. Jerry’s price is $169.99. Then I had the coupon for $35 OFF and they give FREE SHIPPING. The clocks????? Oh, everybody asks about those. We put them up because we work with galleries and collectors all over the United States. This way if I have to call a client in Florida at 9AM their time I can phone at the correct moment. We used to label them but we don’t worry about it anymore. They are lined up like a map. The one on the left is the west coast or Pacific time zone, the right side is the Eastern time zone. Mountain and Central time zones are in between.

Nifty little easel 1

When I’m finished painting for the day I tuck the mirror in the corner by the front door of the studio. Our new little easel fits here perfectly, the old one was really too big.

Perplexed about getting an easel? Maybe you live in an apartment and don’t have a lot of space. Perhaps you have a son or daughter artist that needs one but you don’t want to spend a lot of money. This is a nifty little easel. It also converts into a flat surface to use for watercolor or pastels. The Mirage All Media Easel can be purchased online at Jerrysartarama.com. Again, the regular list price is 399.99, Jerry’s has it for $169.99. AND…. if you watch their site they offer coupons for more savings on a regular basis. Best of all Jerry’s gives FREE SHIPPING. Just CLICK HERE for more information on the easel, they have lots of pictures of the different ways it can be set up. There is even a video that shows you how to assemble the easel. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

5 Responses to “A Nifty Little Easel”

  1. Setsuka Smith Says:

    Mikki, Thank you for the info. I’m considering doing pretty serious painting in 2014, so I may need a good easel. I’ll look into it.
    I may even try some of your paintings by following the step-by-step demos. Thanks for your generous helps in how to go about painting your way throughout the year. Have a great Holiday season.
    By the way I’ve purchased two of Jack’s books recently. Setsuka

  2. Setsuka Smith Says:

    Mikki, Thank you for your encouragement. I’ll try my best in painting. Big hugs to you and Jack!

  3. Setsuka Smith Says:

    Hi, Mikki,
    My husband purchased this easel for me as a Christmas gift.
    I had to tell you this good news.. I’m sure I’ll be busy painting next year. Thanks again for your recommendation. Setsuka

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