SL12413 Hummingbird Haven Step 1

Many of you have said such wonderful things about the Hummingbirds I’ve put in a couple of recent commissions. Thank you so much for your kind comments. Several have also asked me to put a Hummingbird in one of my eBay pieces. SO….here we go for this week’s special 10″ x 10″ eBay painting. After sketching the basic design on the panel in an oil wash I begin painting the sky and the scene through the open doors of the courtyard gate.

CLICK HERE if you would like to go directly to the auction for Hummingbird Haven

SL12413 Hummingbird Haven Step 2

The distant field is covered in a blanket of Purple Asters. Mixes of Dioxazine Purple + White in several different shades are used for the soft flowers. The adobe building is constructed, then the gates are painted in a bright blue made of Pthalo Blue + White.

SL12413 Hummingbird Haven Step 4

The courtyard floor is made up of irregular Mexican Saltillo Tiles. I let some of the blue from the gate reflect down into the tile, giving the appearance the floor is wet with dew. Magenta Morning Glories cascade over the adobe wall, a nice compliment to the cool Asters in the distance.

SL12413 Hummingbird Haven Step 5

By planting Red Penstemon at the foot of the gate I’ve been able to attract a couple of delightful Hummingbirds to the restful garden.

SL12413 Hummingbird Haven 10x10 closeup

Aren’t Hummingbirds fascinating, zipping and zooming around the garden? Their happy little squeaks and the hum of their wings make my heart sing. You can click on the image to see it larger.

SL12413 Hummingbird Haven 10x10

The garden is filled with flowers, making a Hummingbird Haven you can enjoy every single day. Here’s your opportunity to bring the joy of these happy little birds into your life or that of someone you love. Senkarik Original Embyros make unique gifts that are sure to please.

SL12413 Hummingbird Haven 10x10 with tape

Hummingbird Haven measures 10″ x 10″. As I mentioned before it’s larger than the ones I usually do for eBay. You don’t have to worry about doing any framing. The EMBRYO is painted on a cradled panel with finished sides, ready to hang on your wall.

An original oil painting this size normally retails in our galleries for $490. To make it more FUN we are starting the bid at 1 Cent. That’s right, ONLY A PENNY. But don’t linger, the auction ends Sunday Evening December 15, at 8 PM Texas (Central) Time.

CLICK HERE to go directly to the auction for Hummingbird Haven


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One Response to “HUMMINGBIRDS on eBay”

  1. J Allison Says:


    Your paintings are always beautiful but I especially loved this one because of the colors of the morning glories and the leaves.  What a gorgeous combination.  As always, thank you for sharing.


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