Love Birds

SL12513 Azul Courtyard Step 8

Dioxazine Purple is another one of those special colors I add to my palette from time to time. It is perfect for painting the blossoms of Wisteria. The mass of purple blooms is blocked in first as you can see at the upper left. On the right I’m painting the leaves around the flowers, helping to shape them.

SL12513 Azul Courtyard Step 9

The individual petals are then delineated using the corner of a small Bright (square) brush. You can see this better by enlarging the image, just click on the picture.

SL12513 Azul Courtyard Step 10

The entire surface of the floor is painted with the light and shadow pattern. I’ve let some of the color from the door and wall reflect down into the floor, giving the appearance that it’s just been washed. The perspective lines of the tile are drawn freehand into the wet paint of the floor.

SL12513 Azul Courtyard Step 11

The horizontal lines separating the individual tiles are dragged straight across, using the same fine liner brush as in the previously step.

SL12513 Azul Courtyard Step 12

Now for the surprise! Kent asked for a tile on the wall with the number 1019 for their wedding date. I’ve decided to add a pair of Love Birds. A heart is formed in the space between them as they touch beak to beak. Notice the tiny dot just above their heads, this was made so I’d know where the center of the tile is. When I’m finished I’ll paint the dot out. My wrist is resting on a mahl stick to steady my hand as I paint the detail. A mahl stick is an important tool artists use, CLICK HERE to learn more.

SL12513 Azul Courtyard Step 13

Now for the numerals. The tile area was painted first so I can work wet-into-wet. This makes it easy to draw the design of the birds and numbers. If the background of the tile was dry it would be very difficult to make smooth lines.

SL12513 Azul Courtyard Step 14

Jack just pointed out that the birds actually look like swans. Hey, that’s pretty cool. What do you think? We’re done for today. Hope you’ll come back tomorrow and help me with the gardening. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

2 Responses to “Love Birds”

  1. louise.reuterink. Says:

    I love your work., I look each time you post it. stunning lou.r.

  2. dottie holdren Says:

    Nice work and so nice that you share your steps to the finished product. Thank you.

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