Azul Courtyard

SL12513 Azul Courtyard Step 15

The flowers of the White Daisies are blocked in with soft blues, lavenders and aquas. This mass of color will provide the shadows of the white blossoms. To see this larger just click on the picture.

SL12513 Azul Courtyard Step 16

Warm Green leaves are painted in and around the blossoms. Then the petals touched by the sun are highlighted with pure White. The final step in painting the Daisies is to add the bright center in each bloom.

SL12513 Azul Courtyard Step 17

The Sunflowers, Nasturtiums and Agave are painted as a group, working from one to another. The Sunflower blossoms were blocked in to begin with, followed by the Reds and Oranges of the Nasturtiums. After adding the broad leaves of the Sunflowers I paint the Gray-Green Agave with mixtures in various proportions of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + White.

SL12513 Azul Courtyard Step 18

Dark centers immediately identify the large yellow blooms as Sunflowers.

SL12513 Azul Courtyard Step 19

Round leaves complete the Nasturtiums. Next I move to the container of Geraniums. These are painted in the same sequence as the other blooming plants: Flowers First, Leaves Last. Working in this order makes it easier to keep the flowers bright and clean. If I blocked in the leaves first my brush would pick up some of the green when painting the blossoms, muddying their color.

SL12513 Azul Courtyard 24x30Azul Courtyard     24″ x 30″     Original Oil Painting

Pink Hollyhocks fill the space to the right of the Yellow door. AND….We’re done! What a fun and happy piece, I guess it shows I had a lot of fun painting it! A Big, Texas MUCH OBLIGED to our collector for asking me to paint Azul Courtyard.


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  1. ahmed mebarki Says:

    tres jolie

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