Sunshine Sentry

2013-12-27 Molly in Santa Basket

Hope every one had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was certainly filled with laughs. A dear friend gave us a basket of grapefruit, oranges and lemons from their trees. Molly, one of our rescue kitties, immediately adopted the basket even though it was filled with fruit. She’d happily sleep away draped over the lumpy contents. This picture was taken when we’d finished off about half of the citrus.

2013-12-27 Sissie in Santa Basket 1

Well, this morning I came into the kitchen and Sissie had taken over the basket. I almost fell on the floor laughing 🙂 Fortunately she was so comfortable she stayed right in position; I was able to get the camera and take some pictures. That’s Molly on the counter in the background.

SL13313 Sunshine Sentry Step 2

OK, back to work. Today we have another Gift Commission. Fortunately this one didn’t have to finished in time for Christmas. The recipient collects Roosters so what better present than a painting of one? In order to make the wet painting easier to handle the canvas is attached to a cardboard backing. I’m using an old box, flattened and glued together so it’s sturdy. It looks kind of quilted doesn’t it?

SL13313 Sunshine Sentry Step 3

The background is made a muted blue-green so the red of the Rooster’s comb will glow. #1. Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + a touch of White. #2. Mix #1 with a bit more Pthalo Blue and White mixed in. #3. Mix #1 more White added. #4 and #5. Mix #1 with Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Yellow Deep and progressively more White added.

SL13313 Sunshine Sentry Step 4

The background is blocked in around the shape of the Rooster. The piece is signed in the lower right while the paint of the grass is still wet. This allows me to make the calligraphy of my signature smooth.

SL13313 Sunshine Sentry Step 5

Now for the richly colored feathers, they are fun to paint with lots of texture.

SL13313 Sunshine Sentry Step 6

The graceful tail is painted with a large Bright (square) brush. Viridian Green and Pthalo Blue are used for the iridescent feathers.

SL13313 Sunshine Sentry Step 7

The white catch light in the eye is placed at one o’clock since the sun is almost directly overhead. The iris immediately opposite is illuminated as sunlight is transmitted through the transparent cornea of the eye. To enlarge this, or any of the other pictures, just click on the image.

SL13313 Sunshine Sentry 14x14Sunshine Sentry       14″ x 14″     Original Oil Painting

I love painting Roosters, they all have such individual personalities. There is an old saying in Provence that a Rooster in one’s home brings success in the kitchen and happiness in your life. Sunshine Sentry is ready to go to work, bringing joy and fun to his new home! Thank you for following along. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

5 Responses to “Sunshine Sentry”

  1. Carol Landry Says:

    Beautiful!!! I always love your colors and strokes.

  2. Robert Sesco Says:

    Impressive, Mikki! I envy, and enjoy, your mastery of light.

  3. susanajardine Says:

    Your black kitties are beautiful. We rescue ferals and strays and care for about 12 beautiful black feral kitties…all different personalities, A very Happy 2014 to you and Jack. Love your daily blogs. Take care. Susan Alcott Jardine

  4. bonnie austin Says:

    Aren’t cats wonderful creatures?

  5. Michele Jäger Says:

    Hi Mikki, I absolutely love your paintings and enjoy your daily posts. I live in South Africa and have only recently tried my hand at painting. You inspire me, and I believe that you are one very courageous and special person. Please may I ask your permission to copy some of your work to help me develop as a novice artist. I do not intend by any means to sell my craft just yet as I am still trying to discover my own style. Yours sincerely. Michele

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