Colorful Captivation

SA0714 Step 15

Let’s begin work on the crepe paper like blossoms of the Matilija Poppies. The blooms are blocked in with various shades of Ultramarine Blue + White, Dioxazine Purple + White and Pthalo Blue + White. This mass of color will provide the darks for the shadow parts of the white flowers. Then I begin painting the foliage with mixes leftover from the California Poppies growing on the left side of the piece.

SA0714 Step 16

When the foliage is complete it’s time to add the highlights on the Poppies. Pure White is used for those petals illuminated by the sunshine streaming across the courtyard. The thick paint is carefully ‘Laid’ on top of the underlying color. This way my brush doesn’t pick up any of the green and muddy the pure White.

SA0714 Step 17

The final step on the Matilija Poppies is to make the bright yellow centers. Can you see why many people call these “Fried Egg Flowers”? I decided to make the bed of Poppies extend all the way to the right edge of the canvas. I had previously planned to plant Delphiniums in the space to the right of the Poppies as you can see in the previous picture. Somehow it felt too cluttered as I got into working this area so I changed the plan. I do this when I’m gardening too. Believe me, it’s a whole lot easier to change flower beds in a painting than in the ground 🙂

SA0714 Step 18

Now for the Petunias in the foreground containers. The mixes are #1. Magenta + Dioxazine Purple + a little White. #2. Magenta. #3. Magenta + White. #4. Magenta + even more White. #5. Pthalo Blue + White. #6. Pthalo Blue + Liquin (This is for the deep shadow areas in the foliage). #7. Pthalo Blue + Lemon Yellow. #8. Pthalo Blue + more Lemon Yellow. #9. Mix #8 + White.

SA0714 Step 19

I work in the usual order to block in the Petunias: Flowers First, Leaves Last. Mixes 1, 2, 3 and 4 are randomly smooshed around to make the mass of color for the blossoms. Oh, if you’ll look at the bottom of the red gate you can see where I added Scarlett’s shadow!

SA0714 Step 20

Mixes 5 through 9 are used for the leaves. Painting the foliage around the flowers helps to give shape to the individual blooms.

SA0714 Colorful Captivation 30x36Colorful Captivation     30″ x 36″    Original Oil Painting

Well, Colorful Captivation is ready to ship to the new gallery in Sedona. Scarlett and Rhett are looking forward to seeing the majestic Red Rocks. But I did overhear Rhett talking with Jack about having to get back to NYC for the Super Bowl. He’s pulling for the Broncos. Guess it will be a short visit, just don’t tell Scarlett! Thank you for following my blog and also for your wonderful comments. I certainly appreciate hearing from all of you. Jack and I are blessed with such great readers!

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One Response to “Colorful Captivation”

  1. Suzanne Smalenberger Says:

    I just stumbled on your gorgeous art…..I followed links to ebay, but there’s nothing on there 😦 I would love to be able to have a piece of your work to brighten up my little house. How can I see more?

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