Forever Together

SA0814 Together Forever Step 4

I bring out a couple of special colors, Cerulean Blue and Terra Rosa, for the skin tones. #1. Cerulean Blue + White. #2. Terra Rosa + White. #3. Terra Rosa + more White. #4. Terra Rosa + MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + White. #5. Terra Rosa + Cadmium Red Light + White. #6. Mix #5 + more White.

SA1214 Step 9

I start by blocking in the basic planes and establishing the shadows on Charlene’s face. You can click on this or any of the other images to see them larger.

SA1214 Step 10

After getting the face almost finished the entire mass of Charlene’s hair is blocked in with the darkest blonde value. Then I come back with the middle tones. The final step is to add the highlights. I need to make a few refinements to her facial features, for one her eyes are open a tiny bit too wide.

SA1214 Step 11

Using the same mixtures as the face the arms and hands are painted. Then the Red Roses are blocked in.

SA1214 Forever Together 14x14Forever Together   14″ x 14″    Original Oil Portrait

I went back and tweaked Charlene’s face just a little bit, filled out the bouquet of flowers with Red Orange Lilies and we’re done! How neat of Greg to do this for Charlene’s Valentine gift. In one of his emails while we were working out the details of the portrait Greg wrote, “Charlene is my Angel on earth.” Isn’t that so romantic? They are a very special couple, Jack and I feel fortunate to have them as collectors.

If you would like to have your portrait painted as an Angel I’m accepting commissions. I can add your favorite flowers and birds, let your imagination run wild. You may contact us at   Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

2 Responses to “Forever Together”

  1. AniK Says:

    Oh Mikki! It’s beautiful! the lillies are such a nice contrast to the skin tones.

  2. rpillai2012 Says:

    Wonderful work!

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