La Maison de Monet on eBay

SB1414 - SB1415  Sketch

Claude Monet is one of my absolute, all-time favorite artists. Let’s take a quick trip to France to paint his beautiful house and gardens in Giverny. That’s one of the advantages of being an artist, we can travel the world at a moment’s notice. The initial idea for my eBay EMBRYO Diptych is quickly jotted down in my sketch book.

SB1414 La Maison de Monet Step 1

Now let’s begin with Monet’s house. The basic plan is sketched on the panel with a brush dipped in a thin oil wash of MUD (Alizarin Crimson + Ultramarine Blue) + Liquin. The window areas are made translucent instead of completely opaque, when I’m finished it will appear as if there is something in the room inside.

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SB1414 La Maison de Monet Step 2

The colors Monet chose for his home were quite radical at the time, he wanted the house to blend with the surrounding gardens. He broke the tradition of drab walls, grey shutters and doors. Claude painted the exterior of his home a soft pink, selecting a rich green for the doors, windows and shutters. The complimentary colors make each other appear more intense. Aren’t they yummy together?

SB1414 La Maison de Monet Step 3

One detail both Jack and I found extremely interesting was the door knobs were mounted right in the center of the front doors under the windows. Seven steps lead up to the main entry. In the Bible seven is the number of perfection. Well, Monet’s home and gardens look perfectly beautiful to me. What do you think?

SB1414 La Maison de Monet Step 4

Climbing Roses cascade over the doors and windows. Mixtures of Permanent Rose + Cadmium Red Light + White are used to block in the flowers. Then I come back and paint the leaves with mixes of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Yellow Medium.

SB1414 La Maison de Monet 6x6La Maison de Monet  (Monet’s House)

Elegant purple Irises line the pathway leading to the gorgeous green doors of Monet’s home. Wouldn’t you just love to walk up the path and sit on one of the steps, taking in the wonderful fragrance of the Roses? You can, every single day, with La Maison de Monet on your wall! If you’d like to see this or any of the other images larger just click on the pictures.

To go directly to the auction CLICK HERE.

SB1414 La Maison de Monet 6x6 with tape

La Maison de Monet measures 6″ x 6″. And don’t worry about framing this little gem, it has finished sides and is ready to hang.

SB1414 - SB1415  hanging on wall
La Maison de Monet is one of two EMBRYOS designed to hang individually or as a pair. It’s companion painting is Le Pont Japonais (The Japanese Bridge). Senkarik EMBRYOS make unique gifts that are sure to please, bringing smiles for years to come. The cheerful blooms in these EMBRYOS will last long after regular flowers are gone.

Enjoy the serene beauty of Monet’s Gardens every time you view La Maison de Monet and Le Pont Japonais on your wall. The auctions are staggered 7 minutes apart so you can win one or both Original Oil Paintings for your home or office. AND…..If you win the TWO EMBRYOS we will give you FREE SHIPPING! Don’t linger, the first auction ends Sunday, February 16 at 7:30 PM Texas (Central) Time.


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  1. Sheetal Says:

    mikki ….. i like to see your wonderful paintings…..i don’t have the same color of your painting…maybe ….i live in small town ……can you give me only one packet of color or name of your paintings colors ….. plzzz…..

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