Serene Santorini

SC2714 Step 16

Let’s get to work painting those sunny yellow chairs. I’ve mixed my colors and we’re ready to begin. #1. Pure Cadmium Yellow Medium. #2. Cadmium Yellow Medium + Cadmium Orange + MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson). #3. Mix #2 + a little more MUD.

SC2714 Step 17

Most of the chair behind the table is blocked in with Mix #2. Highlights where the sun hits the sides and top of the back are made with Mix #1 that has a little White added. The right edge of the upper back is darkened with a little of mixture #3. I brace my wrist on the mahl stick to steady my hand as I delineate the details of the chair.

SC2714 Step 18

The cane seats are made with some of the paint leftover from the distant bluffs. The entire seat area is covered first with a medium value, then highlights where it’s illuminated by the sunlight are made. The final step is to make the dark indentations between the individual stands of cane.

SC2714 Serene Santorini 14x14Serene Santorini      14″ x 14″    Original Oil Painting

The chair in the foreground is completed and we’re done! This has been so much fun, I love painting the Greek Islands. Thank you for joining me and following along. Or, as we say in Texas, Much Obliged! Hugs,

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