A Spring Visitor

2014-3-30 Wild Turkey 1

Ahhh, Spring. Along with the warm weather comes our menagerie of feathered friends. We so enjoy seeing the Wild Turkeys.

2014-3-30 Wild Turkey 3

This guy is a beauty, scarfing down the sunflower seed that has fallen from the feeder above.

2014-3-30 Mr Chippers at bird bath

Mr. Chippers, our resident Northern Cardinal, is taking his spring bath. Actually he bathes almost every day, we think Mrs. Chippers makes him!

2014-3-31 Bluebonnets out laundry room

Bluebonnets and Red Corn Poppies fill our beds. I always let them go to seed after they flower, that way they come back naturally every year. It’s fun, I’m never sure where the crimson Poppies will POP up! You can click on any of the images to see them larger.

SD3214 Step 1

Back to the easel! I’m working on a commission of a piece very similar to one I’ve done previously. Bonnie fell in love with the painting but just missed winning it on eBay. So… we’re collaborating on a special version just for her. Just like building a house the basic structure of the door and steps is sketched in first.

SD3214 Step 2

Next I begin drawing her kitty, Buddy, by the terra-cotta container.

SD3214 Step 3

Landscaping is now added. I label all of the flowers to act as a guide while I’m painting. I’ve been known to get in the middle of a piece, happily painting away only to realize I’ve put in different flowers than those my collector requested. OOPPPS! Happy Spring Everyone 🙂


Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

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  1. Bill Gavin Says:

    YOU TOO!


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