Basking in the Sun

SD3214 Basking in the Sun Step 8

Buddy is such a cute little boy, his face and body are blocked in first. I’ll continue to make refinements as I work.

SD3214 Basking in the Sun Step 9

After insuring Buddy is resting comfortably on the warm tiles I move to the Petunias. Magenta + Dioxazine Purple + White are used for the fragrant blossoms. Then the leaves of Viridian Green + White are painted around the flower color.

SD3214 Basking in the Sun Step 10

Red Geraniums are some of my favorites. After the flowers are blocked in first and the foliage added I come back to highlight the individual petals illuminated by the sun.

SD3214 Basking in the Sun Step 11

The luscious pink Hollyhocks are made of Permanent Rose + White and Cadmium Orange + Permanent Rose + White. The mixtures are randomly placed on the canvas, giving a delightful variation of brilliant color.

SD3214 Basking in the Sun 14x14Basking in the Sun     14″ x 14″   Original Oil Painting

Lush green leaves made of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Yellow Medium finish out the Hollyhocks. Buddy is Basking in the Sun enjoying the beauty of the garden around him. This has been so much fun, I really enjoy collaborating with my collectors. If you’d like me to paint something especially for you please email me at HUGS,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

2 Responses to “Basking in the Sun”

  1. Donald Says:

    Thank you for sharing you steps to create your wonderful paintings. There have been several small things I’ve struggled with as an artist and just from reading 2 of your blog posts, you have straightened me out on a couple of things.

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