Above the Clouds

SD3714 Step 1

This is a really fun commission. Terry has collected my work for many years and saw one of the Angels I’d painted around Christmas time. She asked me to do one for her with a simple side view of the face, wanting to give more of an illusion of Angelicness, rather than a “Portrait”. Terry also loves the wings so we’ll show more of them.

SD3714 Step 2

The upper portion of the sky is painted first with a mix of Cobalt Blue + White. Moving down I use Pthalo Blue + White. Pthalo Blue + a touch of Lemon Yellow + White is used at the lowest part of the sky.

SD3714 Step 3

The clouds are painted very soft and subtle so they fall into the background, giving an ethereal look to the piece. Terry wanted some kind of yellow birds. I suggested Goldfinches, our garden is full of them right now. I love the way they hang upside down as they eat at the thistle seed feeders. They are delightful to watch and even more fun to paint!

SD3714 Step 4

Adding three goldfinches makes for a pleasing composition. Two distinctively colored males cavort around the female perched on our Angel’s outstretched finger. Thanks for following along today, hope you’ll come visit again. Hugs,

Mikki Senkarik signature JPEG

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